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When planning to construct an ideal industrial-grade workshop or a wash-bay, construction managers or contractors have to consider the ‘ROI’ factor of the project, in order to achieve investment efficiency and cost-effectiveness. There are various factors that make a significant impact on the total investment in an industrial-grade workshop project. One such prominent element that is truly bankable and worthwhile to consider for such an investment is using “Precast Concrete Modular Flooring”. It has proven to be a wise investment in the modern-day construction sector and is heavily relied upon by construction managers, engineers, and haulers.

So, let’s have a look at the rationale behind why Precast Concrete Modular Flooring is a Smart Investment for Workshops and Wash-bays: 


The use of Modular Flooring systems enables a simplified construction process that reduces overhead and logistics costs, increases productivity bringing down the overall construction cost of the workshop, thus making it a highly economic choice for construction enthusiasts. It takes the edge off from the comprehensive cost of the project which otherwise would have been a substantial investment.

Precast modular technology strengthens the overall solidness of the flooring structure and brings down construction costs by 10 – 15%, declaring the usage of precast concrete to be a true “Value for Money” for the project.

At a precast manufacturing plant, floor panels are fabricated and there is a defined space for all kinds of fittings such as electrical, plumbing, telephone, internet, etc., and they are set out before concreting. Everything is controlled through an advanced quality monitoring system.

Various components are manufactured or cast in a controlled environment and assembled on the site of construction. Hence, this greatly reduces the cost of procuring additional construction materials, machinery, equipment, tools, and raw ingredients, etc. as the project manager gets everything readymade in the form of a prefabricated modular system.


With the use of Precast Concrete Modular Flooring, contractors can achieve that optimal construction efficiency, due to the reduction of overall time needed to finish the workshop project. Construction efficiency is also achieved due to better control of the project.

Using Precast concrete technology endows more control in the hands of the construction managers and contractors. The use of precast concrete modular technology furnishes them with full command and absolute control over their projects. It lets them practice strict regulation norms according to the needs of the work-in-progress workshop.

With offsite production, pieces are poured, cast, and cured in a controlled environment and then stored in a storage yard until they are needed at the job site. This means that a construction manager is in complete control as to when he should order the readymade precast panels to be dispatched at the job site. Also, this ensures the project manager gets a high-quality product that requires less onsite labour and has less impact on the construction site.


In today’s modern world, undertaking a construction activity on a remote job site is no longer an arduous or a back-breaking task as it was during earlier times.

Due to the advent of the Precast Concrete Modular Technology and the appropriate logistics available to transport Precast Modular panels across remote and isolated regions, constructing an industrial-grade project at remote sites has been made practically more feasible and affordable today.

Even at a remote and desolate mining site or an industrial workshop site, the use of precast concrete technology has enabled fast and easy installation and a quick turnaround time for the completion of the project. Hence, if a construction manager is looking for a brilliant solution to getting concrete flooring done fast on a remote job site, then opting for a modular concrete hardstand flooring system is nonetheless the best option and the most viable investment for his project.


Another factor that makes Precast Concrete Modular Flooring a smart investment is the assurance of safety and providing a safe construction platform for the construction operatives. When using a Precast concrete technology, no raw materials have to be stocked on-site for construction. It reduces the requirement of traditional formworks and props, construction wastages, workers, etc., and thus provides a safe working platform.

Offsite construction of Precast Concrete can greatly reduce the level of activity on-site and this, in turn, enhances the safety and improves the health conditions of the workers, due to the reduction of waste, pollutants, dirt, and dust at the job site. Uniquely concrete floors once installed, provide a safe, non-combustible, and weather durable working platform for site operatives. The Construction managers and their crew will always prefer to incline towards a health and safety charter which is made possible by precast modular flooring systems. Operating safely is also the key priority for the precast industry and offsite production means that more work takes place in factory-controlled conditions and assures more onsite safety.


Precast concrete modular flooring systems have a longer service time period and minimal maintenance. So, the precast concrete floorings once installed in your workshop or wash-bays require nominal upkeep and preservation as they are highly durable and can withstand the harshest conditions of an industrial-grade workshop.

The high-density reliable precast concrete flooring panels ensure that your modular fittings last very long without the need for frequent replacements or repairs. The long-lasting durable nature of the precast concrete flooring panels can absorb impacts and concussions over a long and considerable period of time.


To adapt to the area and size of your workshop, precast concrete can be moulded to take nearly any shape or size, can be manufactured in virtually any color, and can be furnished in a wide variety of finishes. It can adapt to the required design-build of your workshop and is aesthetically versatile.

With the evolution of Modular flooring systems in today’s modern era, construction managers are exposed to various options of precast design modules for the custom needs of their projects. The project managers need not be worried about the solution-based designs as they are pre-available from the vast range of precast collections at the storage yard to provide the much-needed customised solution to their clients. With the advent of better and constantly improved technology in the precast modular sector, project managers can now create custom-made concrete flooring panels as per the desire of their clients. Incorporating proven designs and methodologies, Precast Modular construction uses experimented, successfully tried, and tested methods developed over many years.

Thus, there is a suite of standards to which precast elements are manufactured and that can be used by the construction managers to meet the specifiers’ demands with confidence.


Installing Precast Concrete Modular flooring in your wash-bays is the most useful and productive thing you can do to your workshop or wash-bay, as these sturdy prestressed flooring panels can easily endure and take on the weight of heavy-duty vehicles and machinery that enter your wash-bay. Precast Concrete Modular Flooring systems feature pre-tested and prestressed precast panels and materials that are tested for their high strength and load-bearing capacity with very high precision and in a controlled environment of a precast manufacturing plant. This results in assuring greater clear span and endurance of the precast flooring panels.

Construction managers always look for such kinds of modular building floor plans that can stand the test of trials and prove their true worth of heavy endurance, weight-bearing capacity, and potency. Also, they look for lighter precast modular floor panels that do not compromise their strength and tenacity. It’s the reason that lighter weight provides for a reduction in the size of needed structural material and overall foundation depth. The strength is not sacrificed by its lightweight construction.


Precast concrete structures provide superior resistance to accidents due to fire, acid corrosion, and natural disasters. Precast concrete flooring panels will not catch fire, and it will prevent the spreading of fire from room to room. Precast concrete flooring panels are more durable to acid attacks, corrosion, impact, reduces surface voids, and resists the accumulation of dust. It’s a fantastic construction material to have in your workshop-building construction. In the event of a fire, the precast concrete flooring panel will not get so hot as to drip molten particles and light other materials on fire.

Also, Precast concrete has no equal when it comes to defiance against heavy storms & rain, earthquakes, wind damage, etc.

In cold areas, where there are extreme winter conditions, freeze-thaw cycles can also cause significant damages. It’s a process of erosion that happens in cold areas where ice forms. A crack in a surface can fill with water which then freezes as the temperature drops. As the ice expands, it pushes the crack apart, making it larger. When the temperature rises again, the ice melts, and the water fills the newer parts of the crack. The water freezes again as the temperature falls, and the expansion of the ice causes further expansion to the crack. This process continues until the surface breaks. 

With Precast Concrete, there is no worry, as it can endure and withstand many winters of freeze-thaw cycles better than other building materials.

Thus, your workshop stays shielded and well protected with Precast Concrete, making it an obvious wise investment.


Costs associated with heating and cooling can be greatly reduced through concrete’s thermal mass benefits. Reduced peak heating and cooling loads can be achieved because concrete reacts slowly to changes in outside temperature.

Large-scale infrastructure requirements create unique weather and element demands, including the ability to keep heat in during cold months and keep out in the summer. If the right materials are not used, costs can go up significantly all year along. Precast concrete modular flooring systems ensure thermal efficiency. Since it is denser and less of a thermal conductor, it does not allow heat to move around the concrete structure. This means a reduction in peak heating and cooling loads. Precast concrete flooring panels are also fire-proof and when properly constructed and combined with the right insulation and panelling, it can limit fire’s ability to spread.


Heavy-duty works at an industrial-grade workshop create much noise and clamor, which are quite irritating and disturbing not just for the adjoining areas but also between floors of the same building. If you want your industrial workshop to become sound-proof, with minimal noise disturbances, then opting for Precast Concrete is one wise investment.

Due to Precast Concrete’s high density, precast buildings absorb sound, making it an ideal choice for your industrial-grade workshop.

If your workshop is near to quiet and holy places of worship, hospitals, multi-family residential, student dormitories, hostels, schools, and colleges, then soundproofing your workshop will become a major prerogative to avoid disturbances and to assure minimal interference with such settlements.

At DALLCON, innovation is at the core of everything we do. We experiment with various sizes and designs to create more economical concrete solutions without compromising durability and safety. With decades of experience in precast concrete solutions, we are proud to be recognised as an industry leader in Western Australia.

Our precast concrete supplies for modular flooring are strong, durable, portable, and meant to last without the high maintenance. Perfectly suitable for various applications, our custom precast solutions are designed to meet the requirements of your projects. Contact our professionals today to learn more about how we can help you with your building project.





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