Wall Panels


Wall Panels

Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Dallcon’s highly customisable concrete wall panels are lightweight and easy to install. They are heavily reinforced and built to meet your structural needs and overall desired architectural standards. The wall panels are engineer approved and suit various applications.

Our concrete wall panels are fire and water-resistant. Their durability and unique aesthetic appeal from other wall panel systems offer an attractive option. You can also choose from a list of standard wall panels or order custom casting options. Please contact us to discuss your project needs.

  • Can be manufactured according to your requirements, including structural walls, load-bearing walls, and coloured panels
  • Reid concrete lifting systems are cast-in for quick and easy installation
  • Embedments and cast-ins can be incorporated if required
  • High-quality panel finishing
  • Delivery in Perth and throughout Western Australia

Concrete Panels in Perth and Western Australia

Concrete panels have various applications because of their versatility and durability. In particular, the commercial sector finds them incredibly useful. Businesses use concrete wall panels in different ways for livestock buildings or warehouses or even as retaining walls. Precast wall panels are suitable for industrial applications, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, etc.

It comes down to the fact that you can customise concrete panels to specific sizes, thicknesses, and shapes that your project requires. No wonder they are still gaining popularity. You also get to choose from multiple designs, all of which have a sleek finish. Standard-sized concrete panel options and custom precast panels are both available.

Precast concrete panels are sustainable products that offer good natural insulation. You can also avoid extra structural framing costs by using them as load-bearing structures.

DALLCON manufactures large volumes of concrete wall panels to provide you with a complete design package for your needs. Our precast panels are superior to traditional concrete panels and are built to the highest quality.

Please speak with us on 1300 325 526 or email sales@dallcon.com to find the best wall panels for you.

Products Related to Wall Panels

Here are some products related to concrete wall panels:

  • Concrete Tilt-up Wall PanelsHeavily reinforced concrete wall panels that are cast and cured in moulds then tilted up vertically at the installation site.
  • Retaining Walls: Concrete retaining walls for soil retention and additional structural support to your structures.
  • L-Blocks: Concrete L-blocks that you use for different purposes such as retaining walls, shed walls, dome shelters, ramps, etc.
  • T-Blocks: Concrete T-blocks that are tried and proven in stability and durability.

Additionally, you can access a wide range of custom precast concrete products.

Contact Us for Concrete Panels

Innovation lies at the heart of DALLCON. We experiment with various sizes and designs to create more economical concrete solutions without compromising durability and safety. Having been in the precast concrete industry since 2000, we are proud to be recognised as an industry leader with decades of experience.

We find it crucial to support local businesses in Western Australia, so we source our products from local materials. Various standard and custom sizes of concrete wall panels are available for supply.

You can get a quote with us or have your questions answered by one of our experts. Our team will be happy to guide you throughout the process from concept to completion. Please call us on 1300 325 526 or email sales@dallcon.com to discuss what you need.

Wall Panels