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Telfer – Mill Ramp

Project Description

In October 2019, Dallcon had awarded with a contract to manufacture and supply precast slabs and footings for a milling project in Pilbara, Western Australia. Given a timeline of only four weeks in design, cast and cure all the 18 units of precast, all were successfully delivered on time.

Precast Ramp Slabs (6000mm Long x 2330mm Wide x 350mm Thick) Anti-Slip finish to tops of panels – Approx. 12.5 Ton each Top & Bottom Slab to have RB16 inserts at 200mm Centres & M20 Ferrules cast in sides 200mm from ends for joining plates with 150m
Precast Footings (6000mm Long x 600mm Wide x 600mm Deep) Approx. 5.2 Ton each M20 Ferrules x 4 each end for joining plates N16 Starter Bars as per drawings.

Other Specs.

  • All Concrete 50Mpa
  • Reinforced Throughout as per Engineer Designs
  • Full MDR Package Included
  • Shop Drawings Included
  • Reid Lifting Engineering Included

Project Details

Product: Telfer – Mill Ramp

Location: Telfer, Pilbara, Western Australia

Client: Newcrest Mining Ltd.

Completion Date: Oct-Sept 2019

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