Stormwater Lids

Stormwater Lids


Stormwater pits are water collection and storage points for stormwater. The structure must be large enough to contain an adequate calculated capacity of initial stormwater runoff, that then dissipates through drain pipes at a rate that is adequately maintained. A stormwater pit system involves more than digging a hole, setting a structure, or connecting drain pipe. For a stormwater pit to be functional, it must be engineered to the correct size and design functionality.

Suitable For

Application Products, Irrigation & Rural, Mining Structures, Power, Cabling & Streetscape, Roads, Bridges & Railways - Road Infrastructure, Stormwater Drainage


Stock Block Sizes
Lids Size Thickness To Suit Liners
1950mm R 150mm 1800mm
1650mm R 150mm 1500mm
1350mm R 150mm 1200mm
1200mm R 150mm 1050mm
1050mm R 150mm 900mm

Note: Grates can be raised 25mm / 40mm / 100mm
If the above standard sizes do not meet your project requirements we can custom make any concrete foundation and footings to suit your project


Our Stormwater lids come in various sizes and thickness but can also be custom-designed as per your requirements. We only use the best materials and techniques to make sure the lids are built to last. Our precast concrete pits for stormwater do not affect groundwater or surface water quality. Stormwater pits have many benefits, such as protecting the animal habitat, improving drainage and flood management, reducing watertight surfaces and reducing the risk of erosion and erosion – vulnerable areas, and water pollution.

Dallcon manufactures a wide range of custom and modular concrete stormwater pits to suit different applications and local requirements. The design and manufacturing technology of our Stormwater lids is based on proven concrete principles that prevent failure. Our products are suitable for use in traffic management, roads, bridges and rails – to name a few. Our ability to customise components to suit each project provides design flexibility and economy for installers. For all your stormwater pit lids, call us at 1300 325 526 or email at today.