Standard Structural Footings

Standard Structural Footings


  • All cast in options available: threads, plates, lifters, etc
  • Engineered and manufactured for strength and durability
  • Swift lifts available for easy movement
  • Supply 50 MPa concrete, or mix and match designs
  • In-house reinforcement capabilities
  • Neat finish (Class 2 or as required)
  • Supplied to major WA projects such as Roy Hill and Nammuld

Suitable For

FOOTINGS, Standard Structural Footings

Stock Block Sizes
Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
600 600 400 160
2800 600 400 1600
2800 750 600 3000
3200 1200 200 1900

If the above standard sizes do not meet your project requirements, we can custom make any concrete foundation and footings to suit your project requirements.


Standard Footings in Perth and Western Australia

Footings are essential in any foundation construction. It is the structural support system in which load-bearing walls or peers are built on and thus supports the structure. Quality footings are crucial in areas with unstable soil such as high clay type areas. Our precast concrete footings are the finest and ensure a strong foundation for your structure.

Precast foundation footings combine strength, durability, easy installation and provide economical solutions for regular construction. The dimensions of these footings also depend on the size and design of the structure that will be built and we can meet any size demand you have. Concrete footing blocks play an essential role in supporting the entire infrastructure. These block designs also depend upon various structural activities including the design of the foundation, soil investigation, analysis of the model structure to get column reactions and lastly optimising the design.

What We Do

Dallcon specialises in manufacturing premium precast concrete footings to support your foundation and structure based projects. After addressing your land and building requirements, we create a custom or standard concrete footing block plan for you. Innovation plays a significant role in our work. Thus, we experiment with different sizes of the foundation to make a design more cost-effective without compromising the structure’s strength and safety. All our precast concrete footings follow Australian codes and regulations. We guarantee safety and quality footings to support your building. If you’re not sure what you want, you can call or email us at for the best solutions.

Precast Concrete Solutions

Built to fulfil any concrete projects, Dallcon’s precast concrete solutions suit numerous practices and manufacture custom products. Dallcon’s precast concrete products are available in a variety of standard sizes. These include culverts, headwalls, retaining walls, footings, foundations, and drainage systems. With the experience of working with various clients, we have fostered a greater understanding of your specific needs, and thus be able to provide innovative and customised solutions to all your problems. Dallcon is a specialist in providing concrete solutions for your concrete needs. We create quality concrete products and are confident of surpassing your expectations.