Sheep & Goat Water Troughs

Sheep & Goat Water Troughs


Sheep & Goat Water Troughs:

  • Suitable for sheep, goats, pigs & calves.
  • Supplied complete with legs, lid & float valve.
  • 1¼ Bottom fill inlet, Sweepout or 2 inch bottom drain.
  • Heavily reinforced.

Suitable For

Application Products, Industrial Products, Livestock Supplies - Feed & Water Troughs, Rural


Sheep & Goat Trough Specifications
l (mm) Weight (kg) Capacity (l)
3600 x 450 260
2700 x 350 210
1800 x 200 160



Dallcon offers precast concrete sheep and goat water troughs, designed specifically for the Australian environment and conditions.

Since Western Australia faces harsh weather conditions throughout the year, you need durable, weatherproof water troughs in your farm to supply clean water to your sheep and goats for years. We offer these products in different sizes. Our sheep and goat water troughs are suitable for sheep, goats, pigs, and calves.


Dallcon’s sheep and goat water troughs are specially designed with Western Australian farms in mind. They are not only designed for durability and weather resistance but also for the effectiveness of livestock watering. Some of the features of sheep and goat troughs include:

  • Weather-resistant
  • Extreme stability (won’t deform over time)
  • Ergonomically designed for livestock safety
  • Requires low maintenance over the years
  • Designed for easy cleaning
  • A minimum strength of 40MPa

Setting Up A Sheep And Goat Water Trough

To ensure minimal stress to your livestock, the right positioning of your water trough is essential. The ideal location to place your water trough is somewhere it can be easily accessed from all angles, and every member of the herd can drink at the same time.

Water sources should be kept clean and free from straw, hay, and faecal matter. Precast concrete troughs are easier to clean. Sheep prefer drinking still water rather than the water from a moving stream. It is recommended that streams be fenced off to prevent livestock from drinking from natural water sources.

Being a farm and livestock owner, you must be well aware of the importance of supplying your herd with fresh, clean, and easily-accessed water. A durable water trough is as crucial as providing your stock with a reliable and consistent water supply. Concrete water troughs can guarantee you the durability you require. These reliable products don’t wear out and can’t be damaged by the activities of your livestock.

We Have Been Working With Local Farmers Since 2000

Having worked closely with local farmers for years now, the team at Dallcon know very well what it takes to build an effective livestock structure on local farms throughout WA. We have been helping hundreds of farms set up a productive concrete infrastructure for efficient operations. Apart from supplying durable concrete sheep and goat water troughs, we offer horse water troughs, cattle water troughs, and round water troughs for water feeding solutions for all your farm animals.

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