Septic Tanks Lid

Septic Tanks Lid


Concrete septic tank lids provide you with a safe and cost effective method of covering your septic system tanks. Our septic lids are available in various sizes and can be custom made to fit different sizes of units. Moreover, these tanks come with different sized leach drain segments which should be incorporated in your septic tank to effectively manage waste.

  • Standard or trafficable lids available to suit all tanks.
  • Leach drain segments available (500mm W x 800mm H x 1200mm L)

Suitable For

Application Products, Irrigation & Rural, Roads, Bridges & Railways - Road Infrastructure, Stormwater Drainage


We carry the following dimensions for our precast concrete septic tank lids. Additionally, these septic lids are made to suit liners as well as soak wells, and can be made to include a central weep hole if required.

We can also custom make lids for any size of septic tank. If you have any questions regarding the dimensions we carry, or about getting a custom lid made, please contact us.

Base Specifications
d (mm) h (mm) Weight (kg)
600 x 75 60
900 x 100 400
1200 x 125 800
1500 x 125 1100
1800 x 125 1500
NOTE: Made to suit liners & soak wells. Central weep hole if needed.

Septic tank lids in Perth and Western Australia

Septic tank lids save time and money while enhancing safety around your septic system. These lids are made to provide high-quality solutions as well as safe alternatives to other septic lids. All our septic tank covers are stringently tested to ensure product quality following Australian standards. Contact us to get started today!

Our range of high-quality precast concrete septic tank lids are strong, reliable, and a quick solution for your septic tank requirements. Furthermore, these concrete lids come in different shapes and sizes to suit any specific need you may have. Our products are also sourced from local materials, as we find it crucial to support local businesses in Western Australia!

Our team has been working to meet Western Australian needs since 2000! With our vast experience and knowledge around the sector, including concrete septic tank needs, we are positive we can meet your requirements, or answer any questions you may have!