Septic Systems

Septic Systems


  • Tank manufactured with or without bases.
  • Standard system (1 of ea 1200mm Ø and 1500mm Ø tanks)
  • Precast septic tanks available in 1800 litre to 4900 litre capacity
  • Custom tank arrangements can be made.
  • Standard or trafficable lids available to suit all tanks.
  • Leach drain segments available (500mm W x 800mm H x 1200mm L)

Suitable For

Civil & Structural, Commercial, Industrial Products, Sewerage and Waste Treatment


Tank Specifications
d (mm) h (mm) Weight (t) Capacity (l)
1200 x 1500 1.4 1800
1500 x 1500 1.8 3000
1800 x 1500 3.0 4900
NOTE: Cast-in bases optional


Leach Drain Specifications
w (mm) h (mm) l (mm) Weight (kg)
500 x 800 x 1200 390

Septic tank in Perth and Western Australia

Septic systems are wastewater treatment systems that collect, treat, and disperse sewage and wastewater generated by a business in a safe, environmentally-friendly way. The system discharges wastewater to the soil instead of being transported to the wastewater treatment plant. Septic system consists of a septic tank and leach field to disperse wastewater onto the earth.

Dallcon presents precast concrete septic systems for reliable management of your commercial wastewater. Our septic system consists,

  • Precast concrete tanks with or without bases
  • Lids (with standard or trafficable options)
  • Leach Drain Segments

Concrete septic tanks are extremely durable as well as impressively resistant to harsh environmental factors. Because of their resilience, they require minimum maintenance and will last for a lifetime with proper care. The precast concrete system, on the other hand, provides a safe and easy installation option over in-situ concrete casting.

Dallcon’s septic systems are ideal for safe wastewater treatment in remote locations for all infrastructure including houses, farm workshops, shearing sheds, offices etc.


Dallcon’s septic systems are designed for safe, permanent wastewater management, especially in the remote areas. The precast tanks are built with a minimum strength of 50 MPa according to the industry standards as all products are customisable to fit any requirement. We provide different heights for tanks and inlets, trafficable and non-trafficable lids according to what your project demands. More features include,

  • Standard system (1 of ea 1200mm Ø and 1500mm Ø tanks)
  • Precast septic tanks available in 1800 to 4900-litre capacity
  • Custom tank arrangements
  • Standard or trafficable lids available to suit all tanks
  • Leach drain segments available (500mm W x 800mm H x 1200mm L)

Wastewater Management By Septic Systems

Wastewater flows from your place through the waste pipe to the septic tank where it settles. The waste is then broken down within the tank by anaerobic bacteria before the fluid is discharged into the discharge pipe and transported to the distribution box that evenly distributes it on the soil. It is then purified in a natural process and transported to the ground below as pure water.


Although the installation of a precast concrete system is a more straightforward process, an effective septic system installation requires an expert team and the right equipment. After the requirement is assessed, the appropriate septic tank size is confirmed along with the location. With the accurate inspection of plumbing and fixtures, the ground is then excavated to fit the tank. The tank is then placed on the excavation where the surface is evened with gravel mixture. And with the right fitting and surface evened afterwards, your septic system is ready to perform instantly.

Before you dig,

  • Investigate the location of utilities, and seek assistance from the local authority for marking of the site if it’s required.
  • Contact your local authority to determine the requirements you’ll be held to.
  • A permit is usually necessary to install any septic system, so make sure you have the right permit to proceed.
  • Contact the local health department or pollution control agency for detailed information about codes and regulations.

Reliable Septic Systems In Western Australia

Dallcon is an ISO 4001, 9001, and 14001 certified company for health and safety, quality, and environmental care and your preferred manufacturer and supplier of reliable septic systems in WA. We have been helping various businesses and households manage wastewater in an environmentally-friendly and safe way for almost two decades with our concrete septic system. All our products go through uncompromising quality and safety inspections before being dispatched to the site. Contact us today for more information about reliable septic systems.