Road Barriers

Road Barriers


  • Fully engineered design with heavy reinforcement throughout.
  • Standard 4m Long Sections – custom shorter length available.
  • Swift lifts for easy relocation.
  • Supplied with galvanised connecting plates if required.
  • 50 MPA, MRDWA Spec Concrete.
  • Smooth, smart design and finish with water hole through the base of barrier, also used as fork pockets.
  • Suited to all and many applications including roadside, fence protection, product divisions.

Suitable For

ROAD BARRIERS, Civil & Structural, Industrial Products, Mining, Prisons, Retaining & Earth Retention, Shire Projects, Traffic Management


Precast Concrete Road Barriers

Concrete road barriers are a simple but effective way to ensure safety on roads and prevent your premises from unauthorised access. An interesting historical fact about the road barrier product is that it is also known throughout the world as a ‘Jersey barrier’ or ‘Jersey kerb’. It’s because the US state of New Jersey first implemented them as separators between highway lanes in the 1950s.

A concrete road barrier is built and designed to withstand impacts upon collision, shield vehicles from running off the roadway and protect the area or people they barricade. These movable traffic barrier systems serve as an ideal solution for any place where public safety, security and privacy is a priority.

Dallcon has manufactured and installed precast concrete road barriers and concrete kerbing with consistent value and exceptional service for over 20 years. Our concrete products comply with industry standards and undergo necessary procedures during manufacturing. As such, you can be sure to get reliable and high-quality concrete road barriers, including custom sizes.

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Concrete Road Barrier – Technical Specifications

Our standard 4m long sections of the road barrier has the following specs:

1. Height:

  • The total top-to-bottom height of the concrete road barrier is 830mm.
  • The height of the broadest base area is 100mm.
  • The height up to the tip of the base is 270mm.

2. Width:

  • The width of the base is 620mm.
  • The width of the tip of the base is 380mm.
  • The width of the flat top is 220mm and 240mm, including the curvatures.

Road Barriers & Related Products

Aside from precast concrete barriers, we offer a wide range of custom precast concrete products. Here are some related products, each with a smooth, smart design and excellent finishing:

  • Precast Kerbing: Precast concrete kerbs for roadways, roundabouts, car parks, bus interchanges, bus lanes, and similar areas.
  • Concrete Wheel Stops: A robust, reliable, and quick solution for pedestrian safekeeping in parking lots.
  • Universal Side Entry Covers: Well-made concrete covers to collect stormwater from the surface of the road and avoid unwanted runoffs into the underground pipe systems.
  • Precast Bollards: Versatile precast concrete bollards that help you manage traffic and reduce accidents.

Road Barrier Applications

You can use concrete road barrier blocks as:

  • Traffic management devices and in car parks. 
  • Alternatives to earth retention blocks for preventing landslides.
  • Barriers around water hazards and other dangerous sites. 
  • Blockade components for entry and exit at construction sites.

When a vehicle collides or loses control, a Jersey kerb helps reduce vehicle impact damage. Temporary road barriers also help control traffic flow and define entry or exit lanes on roads. Furthermore, you can use these precast concrete barriers with minimal effort to block any entrances, closed roads, or deadends.

Precast Road Barriers in Perth

If you want to buy precast road barriers in Australia, Dallcon offers high-grade and durable standard 4m long sections, along with custom-sized ones. Additionally, you receive galvanised connecting plates and swift lifts for easy relocation.

We have been supplying precast and custom concrete products in Perth and Western Australia since 2000. We serve the civil, mining, and agricultural industries using Australian materials. Our team of groundworkers also operate professionally and with your project requirements in mind.

Our strict manufacturing protocol supervised throughout all steps minimises delays to your project timeline. Moreover, you can get your precast barriers wherever you want them to be delivered. Please call
1300 325 526 or email at today to discuss what you need.