RCP Pipes

RCP Pipes


DALLCON is a leading manufacturer of reinforced concrete products for roadways, pedestrian bridges and stormwater management all over Western Australia. We offer RCP pipes of all sorts of shapes and sizes that suit various applications.

Available in diameters ranging from 300mm to 1200mm, we offer precast concrete pipes made with locally sourced materials of the highest quality, perfect for any drainage application you may have.

  • Manufactured as per AS/NZS 4058 – 2007 Australian Standards
  • Heavily reinforced
  • Bell end or flush
  • Class 2,3 & 4 pipes

Suitable For

RCP PIPES, Civil & Structural, Commercial, Industrial Products, Irrigation & Rural, Marine Structures, Mining, Sewerage and Waste Treatment, Shire Projects, Stormwater Drainage

Standard Stock Sizes
   Diameter (d)    l (mm)    Weight (kg)   
300mm    2.44m 200
375mm 2.44m 310
450mm 2.44m 390
525mm 2.44m 470
600mm 2.44m 610
750mm 2.44m 990
900mm 2.44m 1300
1050mm 2.44m 1700
1200mm 2.44m 2000
NOTE: Weight based on 2.4m sections

Reinforced Concrete Pipes

Sewer and culvert systems are often overlooked but are essential to urban infrastructure. These underground channels prevent flooding and keep neighbourhoods functioning, clean, and safe, taking rainwater and other storm liquids away from the streets.

Underground systems use concrete pipes because of their durability and corrosion resistance. However, regular concrete pipes can pose some problems, such as developing cracks over time and their susceptibility to soil movement if the ground settles. Fortunately, reinforced concrete pipes are here to specifically address those potential problems.

RCP pipes are premier products worldwide for stormwater, drainage and sewer applications. A reinforced concrete pipe is a rigid pipe that provides structure and conduit on site. Due to its exceptional structural properties and functional benefits, reinforced concrete pipes are used for irrigation, water supply lines, sanitary sewers, ditches, and storm drains.

Features of Reinforced Concrete Pipes

We prioritise the consistent supply of high-quality RCP pipes, so each batch undergoes rigorous inspections before being shipped out. These precast concrete pipes come in many sizes and have durable finishes, making them perfect for most installation sites.

Some of the other significant features of RCP pipes include:

  • High durability with a minimum strength of 4000 psi
  • Heavily reinforced concrete
  • Smooth finishing
  • Class 2,3,4 pipes
  • Easy installation
  • High customizability
  • Engineer-approved, fire and weather-resistant
  • Highest standards for quality and safety

Benefits of Precast Pipes

RCP pipes have been popular for decades due to their multiple benefits and functions. Their immense versatility makes them one of the most chosen options among professionals like engineers or city planners with projects requiring some level of construction. Here are some of the benefits you get with an RCP pipe.


RCP pipes have a high tolerance to withstand disruptive events without being heavily damaged or destroyed. In addition, they can handle large load capacities while gaining more functionality over time, making them an excellent option in many circumstances where you need functional and good-looking pipe systems.

Cost and value

The lifetime value of an RCP pipe is higher than that of other materials because they continue to be among the strongest, most durable, and most efficient. They yield a greater return on investment with reduced environmental impacts over time because of their proven sustainability, having a lifespan of over 100 years.


The longevity of the RCP pipe is well worth the initial investment. The cost efficiency, particularly in terms of maintenance expense, is also stellar, making it an excellent choice for construction projects that must last for many decades. Their durability allows for large-scale installations to maintain a high level of reliability, with you avoiding too many instances of repairs. Properly designed reinforced precast concrete pipes are also extremely earthquake-resistant.


RCP pipes offer reliable pipeline solutions for various projects, including deep burials and open-cut trenches. Concrete drainage pipes or sewer pipes are versatile because they can be customised to any size or shape required to suit the project at hand – whether that’s large trenchless installations or small alignment changes.

Permeability & Fire resistance

In addition to being almost impermeable to moisture, reinforced concrete pipes are more fire resistant than other commonly used construction materials such as wood and steel.

Easy installation

The mass and rigidity of an RCP pipe make for a relatively easy, secure placement in the ground. Also, the concrete joints are seamless, making installation efficient and minimising labour costs during the operation of your project. Moreover, continuous research and development within the industry continues to enhance its uses and instil confidence in its installation.

Find the Best RCP Pipes in WA

DALLCON is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete pipes and other precast concrete solutions for the Australian construction and mining industry. Our RCP pipes are neatly-finished, durable, affordable, and easy to install. They are engineer-approved, and you can use them for various applications because we also offer custom sizes to fit your unique needs.

Whether for a small project or a large moving project with complex delivery and manufacturing requirements, we have the experience and the ability to deliver within the deadline. Call 1300 867 142 or contact us to discuss your requirements in detail with one of our specialists. Let us take care of your drainage pipe, culvert or sewer system requirements, from selection to delivery and installation if required.