Rail Communications Pit

Rail Communications Pit


  • Manufactured using high-quality 50 MPa concrete and reinforced as per plan provided
  • Used to house electrical cables and communications equipment
  • Available in a variety of standard pre-fabricated sizes
  • Custom made solution to fit your project’s specific requirements
  • Made to meet Australian Standards
  • Delivery and installation throughout Western Australia
  • Free delivery within 500 km range of Dalwallinu, WA


  • Railways
  • Airports
  • Industrial sites
  • Telecommunications
  • Streetscapes
  • Car parks
  • Sports venues

Suitable For

Application Products, Irrigation & Rural, Power, Cabling & Streetscape, Roads, Bridges & Railways - Road Infrastructure


Custom sizes range from 600mm x 600mm x 600mm to 6000mm x 3000mm x 2500mm


What is a Rail Communications Pit?

Installed typically in a pit along the railway tracks, a rail communications pit is a box-like structure made of concrete or moulded plastic to help maintain communication between trains and railway control centres.

Precast concrete pits house a variety of communications equipment underground, including fibre optic and other data cables. Traincrew members use these to communicate with each other and with emergency services.

The pits vary in depth depending on the railway’s needs but are typically around 60cm deep and are covered with a metal grating or lid. The top covers are designed for heavy-duty use to withstand years of tough maintenance work. They are also equipped with ladders or other means of getting in and out.

Features of Precast Concrete Cable Pits


DALLCON’s rail communications pits are perfect for installing and managing cables underground. Although they are designed primarily for railways, these versatile concrete cable pits can help you manage cables underground anywhere, whether it be in airports, industrial sites, pavements, car parks, sports venues, and so on.


With a long experience of over 20 years in the industry, we understand how each project can have different requirements even within the same company. We manufacture rail communications pits of various standard sizes so that you can order as per your need. We also offer custom precast concrete rail communications pit options based on your specific requirements.


Rail communications pits are engineered and manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions using top-quality materials sourced within Western Australia. The precast concrete that’s used to build the rail communications pit is a tried and tested material that is incredibly durable. Your product will last for years without cracking, especially with proper maintenance.

Zero Water Absorption

Water leakage inside the communication pit can damage valuable cables, which costs you time, money, and resources to fix. We use water-resistant concrete for our rail communications pit to avoid such mishaps, guaranteeing no water ingress hampering the system.

Heat Resistance

The high heat resistance of concrete pits makes them ideal for use in extreme temperature conditions. They can withstand high temperatures without detrimental effects or damage.

Excellent Insulator

Concrete is an excellent material for resisting electricity. Since it does not conduct current, you can safely use precast concrete pits in installations involving conducting wires.

Custom Precast Concrete Rail Communications Pit

For specific requirements, our expert team will listen to your needs and develop the best solution to fulfil your need for a custom precast concrete rail communications pit. After you get an estimation and place the order, the shop drawing is prepared, covering the concrete pit configuration and its bellmouth.

After you approve of the shop drawing, manufacturing begins at our production facility in WA. We use locally resourced raw materials to produce high-quality concrete products while maintaining Australian Standards, so you get builds made with the best materials.

Once the concrete rail communications pit is manufactured, we ensure to deliver your product quickly and efficiently in keeping with deadlines.

Buy Precast Concrete Pits in WA

With extensive industry knowledge and over 20 years of experience, DALLCON is the leading supplier of precast concrete pits of different shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of applications in Western Australia. We have manufactured and installed countless standard and custom-sized communication pits across Australia with varying requirements. To find the right rail communications pit or a similar concrete product, reach us at 1300 867 142 or email your queries to sales@dallcon.com.