Precast Bollards

Precast Bollards


A bollard is sturdy vertical posts installed to manage traffic and reduce accidents. Concrete bollards are popular because of the versatility they bring in practical situations of use. Bollards increase the security of foot traffic areas by providing safety and security against vehicle interactions. Pedestrians can safely walk around without the fear of being hit by moving vehicles.


  • Custom-made to suit any requirement
  • 50 MPA reinforced concrete base
  • Fastest onsite installation option
  • Certified lifting design
  • All QA documents to suit relevant site requirements

Suitable For

Application Products, Mining Structures, Roads, Bridges & Railways - Road Infrastructure, Traffic Management


Precast Concrete Bollards in Perth and Western Australia

Bollards have been used since the 1700s, and the very first ones were crafted using massive tree trunks or vertically planted cannon barrels. Today, modern precast bollards are highly preferred. With time concrete bollards have adapted to unconventional designs, skillfully manufactured, and are more aesthetically pleasing.

Since then, bollards have a long way transforming from bulky to visually appealing structures. They are naturally part of landscape designs and also can be installed as a centrepiece for your project. For instance, precast concrete light bollards are used to serve as night lighting on the streets. With many designs and sizes to choose from, precast concrete bollards can easily fit in any environment according to requirements.

What We Do

Dallcon is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Precast Concrete bollards in Australia. We manufacture a wide range of precast bollards for traffic management, road, bridges, and rail projects and also in mining structures—to name a few. Concrete bollards offer maximum durability and minimum maintenance. Our concrete bollards are available in various styles to suit a range of environments. Our bollards are pleasing, functional and durable in harsh weather conditions.

We construct our bollards with steel encased in concrete to provide superior strength and protection. Easy to install and maintain, with safety protection, our concrete bollards are suitable for any project. If you need a customised concrete bollard option, we can accommodate this also. Feel free to contact us at 1300 325 526 or email