Precast Concrete Outdoor Table Settings

Precast Concrete Outdoor Table Settings


  • Seat room for up to 8 people.
  • Vandal Proof.
  • Theft proof.
  • Can be relocated if needs be.
  • Delivery easily arranged.
  • Craned or forked into placed.
  • Will not perish when left in the sun.
  • Available in a range of colours ask us about our colour guide.

Suitable For

Application Products, Industrial Products, Rural, Shire Projects


Dallcon currently manufactures a single variation of outdoor concrete tables and benches. The Dimensions are as follows:
Base Width Height Length Product Weight
2100 mm 1000 mm 2400 mm 2200 kg

There is nothing better than a precast concrete seating if you want a solid and stable solution that will continue to perform for years despite weather challenges and harsh handling. If you are looking for a theft-proof, vandal-proof durable outdoor setting option for your garden, parks or any outdoor environment, Dallcon offers you the perfect solution. Apart from durability, concrete garden tables and benches have numerous benefits over the settings built with other materials.

The advantages of concrete outdoor furniture go far beyond their durability. Their sustainability and the flexibility in design and finishing is an asset to any setting where they blend in. And their ability to be recycled in future is another reason you’d want to consider installing an outdoor concrete table and bench in your environment.

Dallcon’s concrete outdoors settings are ideal for:

  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Theme parks
  • Stadiums
  • Fast food establishments, and much more

These Outdoor precast garden tables and benches can also be used for all types of outdoor family and friends activities, such as game night, birthday parties, neighbourhood potluck, date night, etc.


All Concrete Outdoor tables and benches at Dallcon are manufactured under industry standards. We make sure they go through rigorous quality inspections to make sure every product is built and finished professionally before being dispatched to the installation site. Some of the significant features of the precast outdoor tables and benches, also known as picnic tables and benches, are as follows:

Can accommodate up to 8 people: The set contains one precast concrete garden table and two precast concrete outdoor benches that accommodate up to four people each.

Stylish and durable: These products are not only super tough but are also professionally finished. They will stay intact for decades.

Easy to maintain: Dallcon’s concrete outdoor picnic tables and benches are easy to keep clean and effortless to maintain. Simply keeping it clean will preserve its flawless appearance for years.

Theft and Vandalism-resistant: These products can take a significant amount of harsh treatment and still stay intact. They are very difficult to be stolen because of their weight and lack of scrap value as compared to metal and marble picnic tables.

Uniquely Constructed: These products are designed with minimum 50Mpa concrete and steel reinforcement to ensure they last a lifetime.
Weather-resistant: Precast concrete tables and benches can withstand harsh weather conditions of all seasons throughout the year.

The most trusted Concrete Outdoor Table Suppliers In Western Australia

Having manufactured and supplied the best reliable precast concrete products for various projects for more than two decades, Dallcon has been the preferred concrete products supplier for numerous construction projects, ranging from agriculture to civil to mining in WA. We have the capacity and expertise to supply concrete products for all construction projects, no matter their size and scope. Install the best concrete outdoor settings for your outdoor environment with Dallcon and enjoy them for decades.

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