• Tanks manufactured with or without bases.
  • Central hole for lifting.
  • Leach drain system available.
  • Custom built tanks made to order.
  • Lids available to suit all tanks and liners, trafficable or grated.
  • Lids available in all sizes to suit liners.
  • Optional galvanised or cast iron grates on lids, raised or inset (600mm x 600mm)
  • All liners & soakwells have access for quicksteps to be installed.
  • Swiftlifters for easy placement.

Suitable For

Application Products, Commercial, Industrial Products, Power, Cabling & Streetscape, Rural, Sewerage and Waste Treatment, Stormwater Drainage


Liner & Soakwell Specifications

d (mm) h (mm) Weight (kg)
600 x 300 100
600 x 600 150
900 x 300 200
900 x 600 350
900 x 900 500
1050 x 600 560
1050 x 900 890
1050 x 1200 1140
1200 x 300 350
1200 x 600 700
1200 x 900 900
1200 x 1200 1200
1500 x 300 500
1500 x 600 800
1500 x 900 1200
1500 x 1200 1450
1500 x 1500 1700
1800 x 300 700
1800 x 600 1000
1800 x 900 1300
1800 x 1200 1700
1800 x 1500 2100
1800 x 1800 2500
NOTE: Other heights smaller than quoted above are available in each diameter

Precast Concrete liners in Perth and Western Australia

Concrete liners are the best solution to your water management problems on your farms, sheds, and even houses. Since concrete assures you a permanent, durable, and efficient solution, it is the preferred material for stormwater and drainage management as well as water storage for different purposes.

Dallcon presents engineer-approved precast concrete liners for guaranteed wastewater management. These liners are manufactured under industry standard and delivered to the site only after getting through strict safety and durability tests.

Concrete liners can be used to manage excess fluid flow, such as stormwater and overflowing water in the sewerages. They are the best solution for stormwater detention for houses and sheds to help stop erosion and correctly manage water flow. You can also use concrete liners in farming as water wells or water storage for your livestock and as stormwater detention tanks.


Dallcon’s liners are built for top performance and durability. Apart from that, we also provide extra attention to safety and accessibility while manufacturing them. The extra features help these products be easily installed and transported. Our options include

  • Tanks manufactured with or without bases.
  • Central hole for lifting.
  • Leach drain system.
  • Lids to suit all tanks and liners, trafficable or grated.
  • Various lid sizes to suit all liners.
  • Optional galvanised or cast iron grates on lids, raised or inset (600mm x 600mm)
  • All liners & soak wells have access for quicksteps to be installed.
  • Swiftlift lifting devices for easy placement.
  • Customisable to suit all needs (different height on pits and inlet/outlets)

Your Preferred Concrete Liner Supplier in Western Australia

Dallcon has been the preferred supplier of liners in Western Australia for almost two decades. As an ISO 4001, 9001, and 14001 certified company for health and safety, quality, and environmental care, we have been helping various farms and households manage stormwater safely and effectively with our liners. All our products go through uncompromising quality and safety inspections before being dispatched to the site. Contact us today for more information about concrete liners.

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