Precast concrete L-blocks are commonly used for retaining and containing purposes. However, L-blocks can be effectively applied to the following projects as well.

  • Retaining Walls
  • Storage Bunkers
  • Pits in the ground
  • Shed Walls
  • Loading Dock Walls
  • Dome Shelters
  • Ramps

Our L-Blocks are used in the civil, mining, local council & agricultural industries with an always pleasing result to all projects

Suitable For

L-BLOCKS, Civil & Structural, Industrial Products, Irrigation & Rural, Marine Structures, Material Storage, Mining, Mining Structures, Retaining & Earth Retention, Rural, Shire Projects

Standard Stock Sizes
Code h (mm) l (mm) w (mm) Weight (kg)
L600 600 2400 500 900
L800 800 2400 600 1000
L1000 1000 2400 800 1250
L1200 1200 2400 800 1400
L1400 1400 2400 1000 1750
L1500 1500 2400 1000 1900
L1600 1600 2400 1000 2100
L1800 1800 2400 1000 2300
L2000 2000 2400 1000 2500
L2500 2500 2000 1300 2500
L3000 3000 2400 1600 5000
L3500 3500 1200 2400 4500
L4000 4000 1200 2400 5000
L4500 4500 1200 2400 5600
L5000 5000 1200 2400 6000


Corner Join L-Blocks
Fixed 90 degrees Corner L-Blocks

L-Blocks are one of the most versatile products we have, as they can be used to construct many different situations. We have used to construct retaining walls of various, different finishes as well provide solid walls for dome shelters or even form walls to existing shelter. They are also available in a tapered or stepped configuration for a neat fish. L-Blocks versatility ends up being used in a various range of applications, such as; Storage bunkers, Pits in the Ground, Shed Walls, Loading Dock Walls, Rom walls, Water Structures and many more.

Dallcon’s L-blocks are fully engineered, designed, and manufactured in accordance with Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) guidelines. Our L-blocks have been delivering the best results serving different sectors such as civil, mining, local council, and agriculture for more than two decades.

Features Of L- Blocks

  • Durable 50mpa vibrated concrete
  • Neat design and smooth finish
  • Heavily reinforced to engineering requirements
  • All blocks supplied with bolt and brackets
  • Swift lifters attached for ease of movements
  • Easy delivery and installation

Design Information

The L-shape design has two parts: the vertical section called the face, and the horizontal section at the bottom called the foot. Foot carries the overall weight of the block. Normally block specifications are measured by height, length, and width of the foot. Though we have a specific product code per each specification, we also identify each via weight. Our standard stocks size in terms of height starts from 600 millimetres up to 5 meters in length or by weight from 900 kilograms up to 6 tonnes. Other variations include Corner Join L-Blocks and Fixed 90 degrees Corner L-Blocks. Although a standard size block fits various projects, customers may also demand specific size block for their unique projects. We also customise our blocks to exactly fit the specification as per our customer’s demand.