– Our Kerbs are the Ideal choice for roadside and pavement use.
– Very quick and easy to install, and delivered right to your site on pallets.
– Dallcon can manufacture and supply all types of precast concrete kerbs to the City of Perth, including:

  • Barrier Kerbs VIEW SPECS (28 units per pallet)
  • Flush Kerbs VIEW SPECS (28 units per pallet)
  • Radius Kerbs (0.55m, 1.3m, 1.5m, 3.0m & 6.0m)
  • Lintel Kerbs

Suitable For

Civil & Structural, Industrial Products, Retaining & Earth Retention


Precast concrete kerbing in Perth and Western Australia

As an essential element of roads and highways, kerbs serve numerous purposes. Concrete kerbs provide the best solution to contain the boundaries as well as adopt safe driving practices in all traffic routes, including parking areas. Designed for heavy-duty use, concrete kerbs also prevent vehicles from entering areas of pedestrian traffic.

Quality kerbing is essential to

  • Create barriers between vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Divide the sections in car parks.
  • Contain carriageways.
  • Provide a physical barrier to prevent vehicles leaving the road.
  • Define the limits of the roads.
  • Allow surface water to drain away.

Because of their strength and durability, precast concrete kerbs have been the number one choice of engineers and builders for kerbing. Dallcon presents precast concrete kerbs applicable for car parks, roadways, bus lanes, bus interchanges, roundabouts and similar areas. Our assurance in quality and safety makes us one of the most trusted concrete kerbs edging precast suppliers in WA.

Features of Precast Concrete Kerbs

Dallcon’s precast concrete kerbs come with numerous features to suit all road projects. We offer a customised solution to form any radius and line according to the project’s requirements. Built with a minimum strength of 50 MPa, we manufacture all our precast concrete kerbs according to industry standards.


Roadside constructions require safe and high precision installation. Since more traffic is affected during roadside construction, finishing the project as fast as possible and minimising the disturbance to the traffic flow is crucial. On the other hand, the project should be delivered without compromising in quality and safety. Precast kerbs are specifically designed for fast, quality construction.

Safety: Dallcon’s precast concrete kerb blocks are safe and easy to handle. Installation of precast kerbs requires less number of heavy-duty equipment and workforce.

Clean site: Installing precast concrete kerbs means less activity on site than on-site casting, ensuring clean and mess-free site.

Fast and easy installation: With precast kerbs, installation is not only incredibly quick but also straightforward. Only site preparation is required before precast kerbs are installed according to the design.

Minimum traffic disturbance: With smooth and clean installation and fewer requirements of equipment, the project is not only completed fast but also with minimum disturbance to the traffic.

Immediate access: Since the product is ready to use fast as everything is tested during the manufacturing process rather than on the site, precast concrete kerbs allow instant access to users right after the installation.


A concrete bed of at least 100 mm thickness is required to lay kerbs. They should be placed in such a way that they are joined with the pavement. To provide lateral support, the back of the kerbing should be haunched with concrete of at least 150 mm thick. Kerbs can then be tapped down to the correct level. The joints between kerbs are usually not mortared but laid as tight to each other as possible without spalling risks. This practice can help ease future repairs and replacement processes when required.

Half-battered, Bull-nosed, Splayed, and Square are the basic kerb profiles used for road constructions. A kerb line bend is called the radius. With an aim to provide our clients with the best concrete kerb edging for all conditions, Dallcon manufactures kerbs that can create accurate internal (concave) or external (convex) curves according to the project requirements.

Concrete Kerbing WA

Having partnered in different civil projects for almost two decades, Dallcon is not only the expert concrete products manufacturers but also the preferred concrete kerb supplier in WA. We have since been providing the best solution for road constructions in WA. Apart from kerbs, we manufacture and supply concrete barriers, wheel stops, bollards and many other products essential for road safety.

Precast concrete units are the most popular choice for kerbing. They are high-quality products that require less on-site labour and less impact on the construction site. Precast is designed to meet the requirements of multiple construction and landscaping uses. To get a free quote, please contact us at 1300 325 526 or email today.