Jumbo Cattle Water Troughs

Jumbo Cattle Water Troughs


These large concrete water troughs are designed with your animal watering needs in mind. They are high-quality, heavy-duty troughs that are great for your livestock. Made out of concrete, they are guaranteed to be long-lasting. They come with a 4-inch end draw outlet and supplied with a lag, lid and float valve to ensure they are ready for a full range of applications.

Jumbo Water Trough:

  • Perfect for cattle.
  • 4 inch end draw outlet.
  • Supplied with leg, lid & float valve.
  • Stock proof lid or feed lot lid available.
  • Heavily reinforced.
  • Hardy trough available for a full range of applications.
  • Special orders welcome.

Suitable For

Application Products, Industrial Products, Livestock Supplies - Feed & Water Troughs, Rural


Our large concrete water troughs come in the dimensions below. We also welcome special orders and can meet any demands you may have. Please contact us if we can provide you with a special order or answer any of your questions regarding our concrete troughs for sale!

Jumbo Water Trough Specifications
Length (mm) Height (mm) Capacity (l) Weight (t)
3600 x 610 1400 0.99
2700 x 610 600 0.77

Cattle Water Troughs in Perth and Western Australia

Concrete water troughs are used to provide drinking water to livestock. Precast concrete water troughs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Our team has been working to meet livestock and agriculture needs in West Australia since 2000! With our vast experience and knowledge around the sector, including large concrete water troughs, we are positive we can meet your requirements, or answer any questions you may have!

Dallcon offers a range of high-quality precast concrete water troughs for agricultural sectors. Our precast concrete livestock water troughs provide a strong, reliable, and quick solution for livestock drinking requirements. Furthermore, these concrete water troughs come in different shapes and sizes to suit your unique and specific needs. All our precast and on-site concrete construction services are completed to the highest standards to meet our customers’ needs. Moreover, our products are made from Western Australia sourced materials, as we find it crucial to support local businesses!

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