Pipe Headwalls

Pipe headwalls

Pipe Headwalls


Dallcon manufactures a wide range of standard and custom precast Pipe headwalls for use in roadways, pedestrian bridges, stormwater management, driveway crossovers – to name a few.

Available to suit pipe diameters from 225mm to 2550mm and box culverts from 300 x 150mm to 3000mm x 2400mm. We can also custom manufacture multi-segment and cell headwalls to suit any application.

  • Made from 50mpa concrete.
  • Heavily reinforced
  • All headwalls are fitted with Reid Swift -lifts.
  • Class 2 finish.

Suitable For

RCP PIPES, Headwalls, Power, Cabling & Streetscape, Roads, Bridges & Railways - Road Infrastructure, Stormwater Drainage

Single Pipe Headwalls
Span (mm) One Barrel Double Barrel Three Barrel Quad Barrel

Pipe Headwalls For Sale in Australia

There are often situations where soil erosion can occur around pipework systems because of fast-moving turbulent water. For such cases, pipe headwalls are a cost-effective solution to connect pipework discharge into open water sources, minimising erosion at the discharge point.

DALLCON manufactures and supplies precast concrete headwalls for pipe culverts to meet the requirements of civil construction contractors all over Western Australia. We also design completely custom products to accommodate any special needs. Standard and custom precast headwalls are ideal for various civil applications, such as in roadways, pedestrian bridges, stormwater management, and driveway crossovers.

These pipe headwall designs are available for pipe diameters from 225 mm to 2550 mm and box culverts from 300 mm x 150 mm to 3000 mm x 2400 mm. We can also custom manufacture multi-segment and cell headwalls to suit any application. This includes our other product offering – box culverts headwalls.

Our products are fast, easy, and safe to install. All pipe headwalls are fitted with swiftlifters for ease of transportation and installation.

Features of Pipe Headwalls

Our concrete headwall systems are manufactured with the highest quality materials locally available. These durable concrete products are rich in features, explicitly designed for easy accessibility, convenience, and long-lasting durability.

Some features of our headwalls include:

  • 50mpa concrete
  • Fitted with Reid Swift-lifts
  • Heavily reinforced
  • Class 2 finish
  • Smooth installation
  • Easy handling
  • High customisability

Uses of Pipe Headwalls

Depending on your requirements, you can use precast concrete headwall systems in various projects and industries. Here are a few of them.

Preventing soil erosion

Headwalls are a great way to prevent soil erosion and scouring by streams, ponds or similar waterways. They work like a retaining wall system to protect the soil of public or private properties from being swept away.

Supporting bridges

Concrete headwalls can be used to support bridges by anchoring the piping. As a result, you avoid excessive movement due to hydraulic pressure from flowing waters underneath them.

In roadways and railways construction

Culvert headwalls have the ability to resist turbulent stormwater waves, so they aid in the construction of roadways and railways that run drainage below them.

Applications of Pipe Headwalls

DALLCON’s culvert headwalls are ideal for all sorts of construction projects. We have supplied precast concrete headwall systems to various industries in Australia, so there is no doubt about their application in numerous fields.

Some of the industries where you can use culvert headwalls include:

  • Power, Cabling & Streetscape
  • Roads, Bridges & Railways
  • Road Infrastructure
  • Stormwater Drainage
  • Commercial Application

What Benefits Do We Offer?

We have successfully contributed to completing many of Western Australia’s most significant infrastructure and construction projects. Whether you are a small or large-scale enterprise, our commitment lies in meeting our client needs and emphasising unmatched professionalism.

From our values-driven approach to customer service and technical expertise, we are proud of where we stand as a brand. Our team is here to gladly shape your construction projects with high-quality precast concrete solutions. We understand that each project has different requirements, so we also offer custom precast concrete solutions to meet them.

Here are a few benefits we offer your business.

Customised Products 

No matter how big or small a project, we have the expertise to handle it. Creating a blueprint for an engineering project begins with careful measurements and specifications. Our team always makes sure that we study and analyse correctly to create the product that matches your requirements. Our expert team is qualified to construct a structural design for projects of all types and sizes with the right tools and industry knowledge.

Reasonable Pricing 

With decades of experience, we have formulated a successful methodology that makes it possible to not only produce high-quality concrete solutions but also deliver on time and within budget. We are happy to discuss your needs and the best price to meet them.

Time-Saving Solutions

Why wait for on-site construction when you can finish your project in just a day? Precast products ensure that the job is completed quickly and efficiently, without the need to extend deadlines and bring delays to the project.

Unpredictable weather and lack of management can make on-site projects complicated, especially in places with erratic weather patterns. Precast construction is the way to go for quickly installing factory-made products with stringent production standards. You get concrete products of consistent quality, ready for a smooth installation.

Reliable Service

We are always ready to help you. Our dedicated sales team is here to answer any of your questions or concerns and even advise the best concrete solution for your project. We aim to offer the best precast concrete products on time and within your project specifications.

In a world where customers are looking for more from their companies, you must have an innovative solution. DALLCON’s quick and efficient service in the face of diverse needs has kept us in the business for over 20 years. You can rely on us for your precast concrete requirements.

Most Reliable Pipe Headwall Supplier in WA

DALLCON’s precast concrete culvert headwalls are ideal for all projects that hinge on product durability and quality. We manufacture precast headwalls under strict guidelines and run several stringent quality inspections before shipping them, so you can be confident in the products you will receive.

We manufacture precast concrete products for domestic and commercial use, using locally available materials from Western Australia. Our emphasis lies in quality at affordable prices. That’s why our service doesn’t end at the point of sale – we can also install these products on your site so you can have a new construction project finished in no time.

Aside from pipe headwalls, we manufacture and supply box culvert headwalls, box culverts, box culvert lids and bases, and all kinds of precast concrete products for all sizes of construction projects.

If you need more information regarding the quality of our products or services, or if you want to discuss the unique needs of your particular project, please call us at 1300 325 526 or email sales@dallcon.com. Our team is happy to help you complete your project within the required timeframe.