Feed Troughs

Feed Troughs


Precast concrete feed troughs, can be used in conjunction with feed mixing machines to effectively and efficiently provide food and diet feed mixes to your livestock. This helps increase the feeding ease and performance and provides a cost-effective way of feeding your livestock. Our line of cattle feed troughs for sale are high quality and stock readily available.
Round Bottom Feed Troughs BRB30:

  • Round bottom to stop cattle from sorting food.
  • Bolt-on fence system optional.
  • Supplied in 3000mm sections
  • Very smooth finish.
  • 1.4t per section.
  • Supplied with bolt together plates.

Flat Back Feed Troughs BFB30:

  • Designed for large capacity or starter pen feed trough.
  • Bolt-on fence system optional.
  • Supplied in 3000mm sections.
  • Lifting points for ease of placement.
  • Very smooth finish.
  • 1.7t per section.
  • Supplied with bolt together plates.

Slope Black Feed Troughs SB24:

  • Designed for large capacity.
  • Good paddock feed trough.
  • Supplied in 2400mm sections.
  • Smooth finish.
  • 900kg per section.

Competitive delivery rates are available for our feed troughs of any quantity.

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Concrete Feed Troughs in Perth and Western Australia

Precast concrete cattle feed troughs are very handy for cattle on farms and feedlots. Dallcon livestock feed troughs are easy to use, with diet feeder machines ensuring all feed mixes are clean and within livestock reach at all times. This encourages animals to eat the whole mix, thus reducing waste and maximising animal health and growth. Our precast concrete feed troughs are designed for feeding from both sides. Some of our feed troughs can be used as a permanent fixture once installed, while some are portable in design and provide a flexible feeding solution.

Dallcon has a team full of specialists who are capable of providing you with information regarding all your cattle feed troughs. Moreover, we provide high-quality concrete products and can manufacture the right solution for you. No question or task is too big or small for our team at Dallcon, and if you are ever unsure of what concrete feed troughs we have or are for sale, do not hesitate to call our team of friendly sales staff! We pride ourselves on great service, and we work tirelessly to ensure your needs and requirements are met! In addition to our concrete feed troughs for sale, we have a huge range of other concrete products for many different requirements. Contact us to discuss how we can assist with your project.