Custom Structural Footings

Custom Structural Footings


If our standard footing blocks do not meet your requirements, you have access to a custom option that you can match precisely to what you need. All our concrete products are manufactured to Australian Standards.

  • Custom footings to fit exact specifications
  • Engineered and manufactured for strength and durability
  • All cast-in options available: threads, plates, lifters, etc.
  • Swift lifts are available for easy movement
  • Supply 50 MPa concrete or mix-and-match designs
  • In-house reinforcement capabilities
  • Neat finish (Class 2 or as required)
  • Supplied to major WA projects such as Roy Hill and Nammuldi

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Custom Precast Concrete Footings

Our custom precast concrete footings have been designed with care to withstand unstable soil of even high clay-type areas, making them great if you’re building in such a place. The design, materials used, and dimensions depend on what kind of structure you’re going for with your project, all of which we can customise as per your requirements.

Concrete is known for its strength, durability, reflectivity, and versatility.  Additionally, it has waterproofing and fire-resistant properties, so these footing blocks will not rot out and prove a brilliant investment in the long run. No wonder around 4.4 billion tons of concrete are produced worldwide in a year.

What Are They Used For?

Concrete footings are an essential part of any foundation construction to support the entire infrastructure of any building. They transfer the weight of buildings and structures into the land they are built on, providing structural support for load-bearing walls and ensuring your structures stand strong against all weather conditions for years to come.

Footings act as solid foundations to resist uplift forces that the wind causes, as well as lateral earth and hydrostatic pressures. Basements and crawl spaces can also be enclosed using footing blocks. Precast concrete footing blocks play an essential role by providing strength where needed most — under our buildings’ foundations.

Precast Footings – Technical Specifications

We offer several precast footing sizes and specs to fit multiple environments and requirements. Here are the technical specs on our standard structural footings:

  • Height: The standard concrete footing height ranges from 200-600 mm.
  • Length: The standard length ranges from 600-1200 mm.
  • Width: The standard width ranges from 600-3200 mm.
  • Weight: The standard weight ranges from 160-3000 kg.

If these standard sizes do not meet your project needs, we offer customised solutions that you can perfectly tailor to your unique requirements.

Related Products

We offer various custom precast concrete products. Here are some products related to concrete footings, all of which are heavily reinforced to engineer requirements:

  • Precast Concrete Blocks: These are versatile blocks that you can use for different applications, such as retaining walls and temporary storage bunkers.
  • Cyclonic Tie-down Blocks: These ensure your business assets are securely tied down onto the ground and not blown away in high wind/cyclonic areas.
  • L-Blocks: These are versatile blocks that you can effectively apply in various ways, such as in storage bunkers, as ramps, and even as shed walls.

Benefits of Precast Footings Vs. Site-cast

Precast concrete has become standard in the construction industry, with most companies realising the benefits of having pre-engineered, customised concrete footings and foundations. But what are the benefits of using precast concrete footings instead of doing all the work on-site? 

Greater Quality Control

When pouring concrete on-site, there are so many variables that can affect the quality of the foundations. For example, working with an unstable soil base makes achieving perfection in an outdoor environment more difficult. Not to mention weather concerns, with rain changing the nature of the ground you’re working on from one day to the next.

Because precast concrete footings in Perth are made in a controlled environment, they can be made to exact specifications with no outside influences affecting construction. Undoubtedly, this is one of the biggest benefits of using precast concrete footings.

Better Footings

Due to the greater quality control in the precast workshop that we just mentioned, you also end up with a better product. Precast concrete footings are leak-resistant and much less likely to crack. When you want reliability and durability, you get far more from precast concrete than from site-cast footings.

While also being stronger and more durable, precast concrete footings are also lighter than other materials, making them easy to work with and get into position easily.

Faster Build Times

If you work in construction in Australia, you’re no stranger to delays. Bad weather is often the main offender, significantly impacting the build time when you can’t get your footings in. This causes frustration to builders but also the people waiting for homes and other buildings to be completed. Once you know the size and number of footing you need, an order can be placed with Dallcon to ensure they are ready for installation as soon as you need them.

This approach allows for a more streamlined build process because as soon as you’re ready for the footings, they’re ready to go. Weather is only a factor during installation, but this is far more preferable than potentially waiting days for the optimum pouring conditions.

Range of Designs

While not everybody will care what their concrete footings look like, there are certain instances where appearance is everything. As such, precast concrete footings can be manufactured to meet any design specifications, giving you more flexibility than you could ever need.

Buy Concrete Footings Blocks In WA

If you are looking to buy concrete footing blocks in WA, we are here to help. DALLCON specialises in producing first-class precast concrete footings to support your foundations and structures. We believe in innovation and experiment with different foundation sizes to make a design more cost-effective without compromising the structure’s strength and safety. Each product is thoroughly tested to ensure all occupational health and safety requirements and environmental standards (ISO 9001) are fully met.

We can create a custom concrete footing block plan for you after clearly addressing your land and building requirements. Safety and quality footings to support your building is guaranteed. If you are unsure of what would be best or want to discuss your situation and unique needs with one of our specialists, please call 1300 325 526 or simply email us at