Concrete Tilt up wall panels

Concrete Tilt up wall panels


  • All panels are heavily reinforced and engineer approved.
  • Ideal for replacing old shed walls.
  • Easily delivered and installed.
  • Extremely versatile, can be used in a wide range of applications.
  • Pre-cast concrete wall panel in 7 different sizes
  • Custom casting solutions available
  • 2.5t swiftlifters for ease of movements.
  • We can deliver Western Australia wide

Suitable For

Civil & Structural, Industrial Products, Wall Panels


Panel Specifications

w (mm) h (mm) l (mm) Weight (t)
150 x 1000 x 7000 2.46
150 x 1200 x 6000 2.48
150 x 1500 x 5500 2.90
150 x 1800 x 5000 3.17
150 x 2000 x 5000 3.52
150 x 2200 x 4000 3.10
150 x 2500 x 4000 3.55
NOTE: Custom sized panels are our specialty

Precast Concrete Tilt up wall panels in Perth and Western Australia

Dallcon’s concrete tilt-up panels are an excellent option for building the wall component of commercial and agricultural structures. They are ideal for shed walls, bunker walls, Perimeter Walls, and divider walls for sheds and storage bunkers.


Every Tilt-up wall panels at Dallcon are manufactured under industry standards, and they go through rigorous quality inspections before being dispatched to the site of installation. These panels are not only customisable but also durable and professionally finished. Some of the significant features of concrete Tilt-up panels are as follows:

  • Concrete Tilt-up wall panels are highly durable concrete products that come with a minimum strength of 32MPa.
  • All Dallcon’s Tilt-up wall panels are manufactured with smooth finishing.
    Dallcon offers a customised solution with Tilt-up wall panels to fit all construction requirements.
  • All Dallcon’s Tilt-up wall panels are heavily reinforced, and engineer approved.
    They come with 2.5t swift lifters cast into the product for ease of movement.

Benefits of Tilt-Up Wall Panels

Concrete tilt-up wall panels are often credited for revolutionising the traditional approach to construction. They offer numerous benefits over traditional construction methods. Here are a few major advantages of tilt-up wall panels you’d want to know before constructing your structure:

Cost-Effective Solution

Since Tilt-up wall panels require less equipment and a smaller workforce, they are cost-effective solutions over onsite cast-in walls that require a considerable amount of resources to carry out the job. The use of equipment such as the required size crane while installing tilt-up panels is an expense that has to be accounted for, although it is often a lot more economical option in the overall job.

Faster and Safer Installation

The process of installing tilt-up walls is fast. Once the panels are delivered to the site, it’s just a matter of tilting them up for the installation, and they are ready to go immediately after being installed. Concrete Tilt-up wall panels are not only easy to install but also safe to install when correct Occupational Health and Safety practices are followed as it requires a smaller team on the worksite for installation. The site, on the other hand, will have minimum mess clean up needed after the installation.

Less Environmental Impact

The Construction process of Tilt-up wall panels guarantees less waste compared to the traditional cast-in process. Since less concrete is required and much less waste is disposed of, the whole process of manufacturing Tilt-up wall panels poses a reduced threat to the environment. It’s manufacturing process also ensures less dangerous and cleaner worksites. Additionally, the panels can be reused if the structure is ever needed to be taken down or removed, further ensuring less environmental damage.

Immediate Access

Concrete Tilt-up wall panels are ready to use immediately after they are installed. They not only save your time but also are a favoured option where project deadlines are tight, such as in an emergency construction requirement.

Preferred Concrete Tilt-up Wall Panels Suppliers In Western Australia

Dallcon is your preferred choice for concrete Tilt-up wall panels in WA. Having worked with a range of industries including agriculture, mining and various civil projects for almost two decades, Dallcon is not only the expert concrete products manufacturer but also one of the most trusted Concrete Tilt-up wall panels suppliers in WA. Apart from Tilt-up wall panels, we also manufacture and supply quality L-blocks, T-blocks, Custom panels, and retaining wall systems.

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