Concrete Tilt up wall panels

Concrete Tilt up wall panels


  • All panels are heavily reinforced and engineer approved.
  • Ideal for replacing old shed walls.
  • Easily delivered and installed.
  • Extremely versatile, can be used in a wide range of applications.
  • Pre-cast concrete wall panel in 7 different sizes
  • Custom casting solutions available
  • 2.5t swiftlifters for ease of movements.
  • We can deliver Western Australia wide

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Concrete Tilt-Up Wall Panels for Sale

Concrete tilt-up wall panels are cast and cured as a flat slab on the ground in moulds and formwork. Then, they are tilted up vertically at the installation site. Concrete provides a good amount of insulating properties to reduce thermal loads and save on energy costs. Moreover, you can use them as load-bearing structures and avoid extra structural framing costs.

We manufacture our precast concrete panels in a controlled environment with strict rules and regulations. As a result, weather conditions do not affect them. The process also saves construction time as you are free to pursue other on-site works simultaneously. Cast-in concrete panels also reduce transportation costs.

Whichever option you go with, you will find that Dallcon’s concrete wall panels are heavily reinforced and engineer-approved to ensure minimal problems and fast progress with your building project.

Concrete tilt-up wall panels are an excellent option for building the wall sections of many types of commercial and agricultural structures. They are suitable for sheds, bunkers, and perimeter & divider walls for shed and storage facilities.

We can address any of your unique sizing requirements as we offer custom-sized panels. Call us on 1300 325 526 or email to find a suitable concrete tilt-up wall panel for you today.

Concrete Tilt-Up Wall Panels – Technical Specifications

Dallcon provides seven different sizes of precast tilt-up panels to meet a whole range of industry needs. For custom-sized concrete panels, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Here are the standard technical specifications:

  • Length: The standard size of tilt-up wall panels ranges from 4000mm to 7000mm.
  • Width: The standard widths are 150mm and 200mm.
  • Height: The standard height ranges from 1000mm to 3000mm.
  • Weight: Concrete wall panels can weigh around 2.4-ton to 7.7-tons, depending on the size. Our teams have considerable experience in preventing cracking-related issues that can be an issue with precast concrete products due to their weight. Depending on the specification of the wall panel, Dallcon also provides 2.5-ton or 5-ton swift lifters cast into all products for ease of movement and logistics.
  • Strength: Concrete tilt-up wall panels are highly durable concrete products that deliver a minimum strength of 50 megapascals (MPa). The panels you receive are all engineer-approved, ensuring high-grade quality and durability.

Concrete Tilt-Up Wall Panel Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of using the tilt-up concrete panel system:

  • Unaffected by weather: Precast concrete panels are not cured on site but with strict rules and regulations in a controlled environment. Rain, wind, or changes in temperature neither affect preparation time nor output quality.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to other methods, tilt-up construction gets more cost-effective as square meterage increases because you realise greater efficiencies in scale.
  • Streamlined installation: You can swiftly acquire and install precast concrete tilt-up wall panels without needing many workers or an extensive amount of equipment. You get a simplified and efficient installation process because you can conduct other on-site works and keep work going.
  • Insulation: Concrete tilt-up wall panels help you save on energy costs by reducing thermal loads. Insulated concrete tilt panels provide further thermal protection if required.
  • Load-bearing structure: You can maximise cost-efficiency by avoiding extra structural framing costs since you can use tilt-up panels as load-bearing structures.
  • Fire resistance: Burns develop on concrete only after hours or even days due to its high fire resistance. Concrete also does not emit toxic fumes when exposed to fire.

Tilt-Up Construction Applications

The ancient Romans used early forms of concrete in enduring constructions such as the Coliseum and the Pantheon. In modern times, tilt-up concrete is widely used for single-storey commercial and industrial structures such as warehouses and storage facilities. However, you can also use it for multi-storey buildings.

Concrete casts reinforced on the floor and roof with steel bars provide added stability against natural forces. It’s why the commercial sector finds tilt-up construction safe and economical.

No matter where they are applied, the tilt-up concrete panel system offers significant cost-effectiveness and efficient installation. In addition, you can complete your projects earlier as you can continue working on the rest of the structure while casting the tilt-up panels.

Delivery in Perth and Throughout Western Australia

Whether you need concrete wall panels for retaining walls, livestock buildings, or anything else, Dallcon can deliver them on time and right to your desired location.

Please speak to us today and discuss what type or size of tilt-up wall panels are right for you. We supply concrete tilt panels in Perth and throughout Western Australia, wherever you need them.