Combo Water Troughs for Cattle, Goat and Sheep

Combo Water Troughs for Cattle, Goat and Sheep


Key Features of Combo Water Troughs:

  • Suitable for cattle, goats and sheep
  • Supplied with complete parts – legs, lid and float valve
  • 2-inch bottom fill inlet
  • 4-inch bottom drain
  • Heavily reinforced
  • Serves as a multi-purpose water trough
  • Versatile size options

Suitable For

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Combo Concrete Water Troughs for Cattle, Goat and Sheep

Dallcon’s precast concrete offers a wide range of water troughs to accommodate your livestock watering needs. A precast concrete water trough is superior compared to any other materials available in the market. It is robust, highly durable and recommended for all weather conditions. Plastic and other materials are fragile and can become brittle when exposed to extreme temperatures or weather conditions. This can lead to cracking and breaking of the trough, which exposes sharp edges and can injury your animals. Therefore, concrete water troughs are safe and keep your livestock happy.

Combo water troughs for cattle is designed to suit both cattle and sheep. You can find various sizes and shapes to suit the needs of your herds. Whether you’re looking for combo water troughs or something different for sheep and cattle, we have something for all your animals. You can easily browse our selection of precast concrete water troughs to find the right size for your need. Our goat and sheep water troughs are designed to the highest industry standards for precast concrete water troughs. Hence, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality product that will last for a long time.

What We Do

Dallcon’s expertise lies in producing high-quality combo water troughs for cattle, goats and sheep. A smooth and even finish with rounded corners protect your cattle from injuring themselves. Innovation lies at the heart of Dallcon, and thus we experiment with designs and sizes of water troughs to define the most economical solution without compromising the structure’s durability and safety. All our concrete horse water troughs are liked and in use by many valued clients in the equestrian industry. We guarantee quality concrete water troughs to keep your cattle and livestock well-watered, healthy and safe. If you aren’t sure what size you want or water trough you need, feel free to contact us! Our team will be happy to guide you through the buying process.