Cattle Grids

Cattle Grids


• Concrete stock grid rated to MRDWA standards.

• Quick and easy to install.

• Fully engineered for 20T axle load rating.

• Available in 900mm increments – can join to make any width.

• Precast elements available for purchase by themselves.

• Custom steel grid can be built to suit, or we can supply.

Suitable For

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Concrete Cattle Grid Structures

Fences are not ideal when you want free movement for your cattle within property boundaries and easy access for vehicles and humans. With a concrete cattle grid, you get both quite smoothly.

Concrete cattle grids are immensely popular among farmers because of their durability and resilience to harsh elements and weather factors. Compared to those made of iron or other metals, concrete cattle grids also do not rust or corrode as quickly.

Concrete is naturally durable and can last decades. Additionally, concrete cattle grids require lesser maintenance over their lifespan and can withstand heavy loads, providing safe transportation access. These factors make them cost-effective and offer great value for investment in the long run.

The precast cattle grid just as easily supports vehicles as it does humans. There is no damage to the tyres, and you can traverse over the grids with ease.

Dallcon’s precast concrete cattle grids are animal friendly and provide optimum cattle guard performance. Having worked with the local farmers of Western Australia for decades, we are well aware of the various cattle grid size requirements. Each piece of farmland and its access planning require specific needs, and we are here to deliver.

We offer customised solutions for specific needs, so you can avoid compromising your cattle grid planning for any standard size. Our concrete products are manufactured with the best quality materials under industry specifications.

We have been cattle grid manufacturers and suppliers since 2000. Call us on 1300 325 526 or email for standard and custom-sized concrete cattle grids.

Precast Cattle Grids – Technical Specifications

We offer various cattle grid sizes and specs to fit multiple environments and requirements. Here are the technical specs on our standard cattle grid sizes:

Grid Section:

  • Width: The standard width of grids are 2700mm, 3600mm and 4500mm. They are available in 900mm increment options, which you can join to make any size.

Precast Base Section:

  • Length: The standard length of our cattle grids are 2430mm.
  • Width: The standard width is 900mm.
  • Height: The standard height is 695mm.

Products Related to Cattle Grids

In addition to drainage pipes, we provide a range of custom precast concrete products. Here are some products related to concrete cattle grids:

  • Loading Ramps: Three different types of loading ramps, including custom options, to suit your needs.
  • Tilt-up Wall Panels: Seven different sizes of precast tilt-up panels to meet various industry needs.
  • T-Blocks: Versatile concrete T-blocks that you can use for many other applications.
  • L-Blocks: Robust L-blocks that you commonly use for retaining and containing purposes.

Cattle Grid Manufacturers in Perth and WA

With decades of experience and Dallcon’s recognition as an industry leader in the precast concrete industry, quality is guaranteed. We have been cattle grid manufacturers in Perth and WA since 2000. Our concrete stock grids are rated to MRDWA standards and fully engineered for a 20T axle load rating.

Custom sizes and steel grids are available for supply. You can also purchase precast elements separately as per your needs. 

Please feel free to contact us on 1300 325 526 or email us at to discuss your concrete cattle grid requirements.