Concrete Wheel Stops

Concrete Wheel Stops


  • Made to suit Australian Standards.
  • 2 x 20mm PVC for securing into place.
  • Neat finish and sturdy design.
  • 1.3t Swiftlifter for easy placement.
  • Water exit holes in base.

Suitable For

Application Products, Civil & Structural, Commercial, Industrial Products, Mining Structures, Roads, Bridges & Railways - Road Infrastructure, Traffic Management


Our concrete wheel stops come in the following dimensions. However, if you need custom-sized units, please contact us to let us know your size requirements.

Car Stop Specifications
w (mm) h (mm) l (mm) Weight (kg)
250 x 120 x 1600 110
250 x 200 x 2000 240

Concrete Wheel Stops

Precast concrete wheel stops are small barriers used at the end of parking spaces to help drivers safely park their vehicles. Car wheel stops are often used in parking lots to prevent vehicle encroachment onto sidewalks as well as keep parked vehicles in an orderly and consistent pattern. It signals the limit of travel of a vehicle into a parking space to help pedestrians stay safe while they are walking through your parking lot. Moreover, these concrete wheel stops are made to suit Australian Standards and have a neat finish and sturdy design. These precast concrete wheel stops are fitted with 1.3t Swiftlifter for easy placement wherever you may need them.

Concrete wheel stops for sale

The primary purpose of a wheel stop is to signal the driver that they have reached the extent of a parking space. When a moving vehicle comes in contact with the concrete wheel stops, the driver knows that further forward movement is restricted and they have effectively parked in their space.

Our range of high-quality precast concrete wheel stops are robust, reliable, and a quick solution to keeping pedestrians safe in any parking lot. These precast concrete block effectively stop the forward progress of vehicles without damaging them. Furthermore, these car wheel stops come in various precast sizes to suit any specific need you may have. Additionally, if the sizes don’t meet your specifications, we can customise them to accommodate any dimension you require. With our number one priority being safety, we engineer these wheel stops to ensure safety for your customers in your parking lot!

Our products are sourced from local materials, as we find it crucial to support local businesses in Western Australia! Please reach out to us with any questions or requirements you may have regarding precast concrete wheel stops.