Box Culverts Headwalls

Box Culverts Headwalls


Our box culvert headwalls are designed to suit box culverts ranging from 300mm span right up to 2400mm span. We also design and manufacture to suit your individual requirements, so please contact us if you have a custom requirement.
Made in accordance with Main Roads WA and Australian Standards.

  • Suits a vast range of box culvert sizes
  • We can manufacture to suit custom dimensions
  • Strong and neat design – heavily reinforced
  • Delivery available statewide
  • Recesses for bases and links cast in as required

Suitable For

Application Products, Civil & Structural, Commercial, Industrial Products, Power, Cabling & Streetscape, Roads, Bridges & Railways - Road Infrastructure, Stormwater Drainage


Box Culvert Headwalls
Span (mm) One Barrel Double Barrel Three Barrel Quad Barrel

Box Culverts Headwalls

Precast concrete box culvert headwalls make the perfect outlet and inlet for the start and end of box culvert runs. These easy to install precast concrete products are guaranteed to perform for a lifetime. Box culvert headwalls play a perfect role in the water flow management systems for different projects such as highways and railroads. They also offer the ideal finishing for box culvert tunnels.

Box culvert tunnels assist in

  • Controlling water flow under roads, highways, and railroads
  • Managing holding tanks
  • Developing tunnels and underpasses

In the modern construction industry, precast box culverts are considered highly beneficial structures because of their flexibility, durability, and practical use. Our concrete box culvert headwalls at Dallcon can be fully customised as per customer’s requirements. We have the right capacity to manufacture and supply concrete box culvert headwalls for projects of all sizes.


Dallcon’s precast concrete box culvert headwalls have all the essential features you want in perfectly-performing concrete products. We strictly manufacture these products under industry standards and run several stringent quality inspections before supplying the products to the site. Some of the features include:

  • A minimum strength of 50 MPa
  • Fully customisable
  • Easily installable
  • Handling friendly
  • Smooth finishing


Natural water flow management is crucial in projects like highways and railroads to guarantee uninterrupted traffic flow and manage erosion. Precast concrete box culvert headwalls help create a perfect system for water flow management. They are the best alternative to the in-situ inlet, and outfall structures for both ends of box culvert runs.

Efficient installation: Installation of Dallcon’s precast concrete box culvert headwalls is straightforward. Your team can install them within a few hours after the site preparation. You comparatively require fewer workforce and less time to set them up.

Immediate access: One of the benefits you get for using precast concrete products in construction is immediate access. Unlike in-situ concrete installation where you have to wait for days until the concrete is set, precast concrete box culvert headwalls provide instant access. Your structure is ready to use the time installation is complete.

Safe and clean site: Since our precast concrete box culvert headwalls are handling friendly, they guarantee a secure installation. Precast concrete products also provide you with a clear site where you won’t be investing more money and workforce in the aftermath of the completion of construction.

Durability guaranteed: Dallcon’s box culvert headwalls are highly durable products that are guaranteed to last for decades. These products withstand not only heavy traffic loads but also all weather conditions.


Since box culvert headwalls are used in various projects of different sizes, the installation process varies according to their size. Proper site preparation is crucial before installing precast box culvert headwalls.

All box culvert headwalls manufactured at Dallcon come with four lifters on each corner for secure handling and installation. Box culvert headwalls are normally lifted by a forklift with jib and installed on the site. Some of the precast box culvert headwalls used in larger projects that are huge are lifted and set up via boom crane.

Concrete Box Culvert Headwalls Suppliers In WA

Dallcon is your preferred concrete box culvert headwalls supplier in WA. Having supplied and installed various concrete products in numerous products for two decades, we know what it takes to build a project that lasts for a lifetime. Apart from precast concrete box culvert headwalls, we also manufacture and supply custom pipe headwalls, box culverts, box culvert base, and all precast concrete products for construction projects of all sizes.