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Traffic With Cast Iron Round Solid Access Marked Electrical Or Communication

Electrical or communication utility vaults located in heavy traffic areas require access lids that are strong enough to withstand the pressure of heavy vehicles passing over them. It needs to stay fixed in place and avoid dislodging to prevent injuries or accidents. Dallcon’s round, cast iron solid access lids are the ideal products for trafficable areas. They are marked as “Electrical” or “Communication” for easy service identification purposes.


Trafficable iron manhole lids and concrete infill ensure safety by blocking the entrances to the manhole and prevent people and objects from falling in. Sturdy, cast-iron access lids are more essential for roads with heavy traffic as many vehicles pass over the lid every day. In order to prevent road accidents, the manholes should be securely covered.

Cast-iron lids are the best options for trafficable areas as they are designed to withstand heavy weights. They are also heat and weather resistant. The traffic access manhole lids marked as “communications” or “electricity” help to distinguish easily between the service access manholes.


The service indications on the covers help save time and guesswork. The metal’s durability prevents the markings from eroding over time. The highly durable cast iron manhole lids are resistant to heavy loads. This allows it to be fitted on high-traffic roads and highways. The roundness of the lid helps it to fit firmly onto the access point while its weight prevents it from dislodging when traffic passes over it.
Cast-iron lids have low melting points and are resistant to deformation. This makes them suitable for a wide range of civil and business purposes.

Our trafficable cast-iron access lids are designed in accordance with Australian standards. They can be custom-built in required sizes to suit different applications for business and civil constructions.
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