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Local Basketball Team Sponsored By DALLCON Secures Podium Finish

We here at DALLCON are happy to announce that the local basketball team we have been sponsoring for the past three years secured a 3rd-place finish in the tournament organised by One Pinoy Community Group, Dalwallinu.

Almost all of the companies in Dalwallinu have Filipino workers. According to the 2021 Cultural Diversity Census by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Western Australia is home to more Filipinos than any other part of Australia – a whopping 46,785. The Shire of Dalwallinu fully supports the Philippine community, which has contributed massively to our state and nation. And we, too, wholeheartedly.

One Pinoy Community Group has organised a basketball league each year for the past few years to enable socialisation between fellow Filipinos. However, unlike previously, the doors opened wide to welcome participants of all nationalities this year, so long as they either work or reside in Dalwallinu or nearby towns.

What’s great about this time is that after two consecutive tournaments towards the bottom of the rankings, DALLCON made a stunning comeback, securing a strong 3rd-place victory. The impressive performance of our team, where they showcased their talents and dedication, allowed them to claw their way out of the bottom of the rankings and into the limelight.

Our team was able to overcome adversity and persevered through to victory. They faced stiff competition but remained focused and maintained a positive attitude throughout the tournament. Each team member worked closely together to create a cohesive unit that was able to succeed on the court just as in the office. This extraordinary camaraderie is what allows us to deliver amazing products to our customers, and we are proud to recognise it!

The league started on 22nd October 2022 and came to an exciting end three weeks later on 12th November. All teams displayed exemplary sportsmanship – their respect for their opponents evident throughout every match, earning admiration from players and spectators alike. This level of professionalism reflects positively on DALLCON’s commitment to ethics and integrity in all aspects of our operations.

With new talent ready to take the centre court next season, our local heroes are more motivated than ever before — determined not only to make it through each game but also all the way into the grand finals. We will continue to cheer on and support our dedicated players as their epic journey continues!

We would like to congratulate each member of our basketball team for their hard work and dedication throughout the tournament and at work. It resulted in an outstanding performance, and yet today consistently brings about a high-level service for our customers.

This accomplishment further highlights that our team members are willing and able to achieve excellence no matter the circumstance, so you can rest assured that everything goes according to plan when dealing with us.

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