Custom Concrete Pits

Custom Concrete Pits


Concrete pits can be useful for a number of applications, including stormwater management, communications and electrical wiring and circuit management, along with a host of other uses. Dallcon offers custom precast concrete pits for all requirements, regardless of their size and dimensions. Whether you require a concrete pit under a footpath, a road, a mall or on a residential property, we can deliver you the appropriate product with installation options. Our Precast concrete pits are robust, durable, and easy to install. Precast concrete pits also mean minimised on-site noise, clutter, and waste.

  • Custom precast concrete pits manufactured to any size or specification for drainage, electrical, waste and other purposes.
  • Can be manufactured to suit on-site levels, pipe sizes and other specific project requirements.
  • Cast-ins can be incorporated if required.

Application of Concrete Pits

Concrete pits are often used in civil and industrial projects in the applications of stormwater collection, electrical and communications cabling, and transformer substations.

  • Stormwater Drainage Pit Systems
  • All typical stormwater pit applications
  • Pipe connection and larger pipe inlets
  • Allotment drainage structures
  • Car park drainage structures
  • Junction pits (grated inlets and under kerb & channel)

Benefits of Custom Concrete Pits

  • Faster Construction
  • Highly Versatile
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Extensive range of sizes

Dallcon provides a wide range of precast custom concrete pits that offer several advantages. With our precast concrete pits, you can save time and resources required for on-site construction. Moreover, if you have a confined working space, our solutions make the perfect option. Our custom concrete pits have multiple variations in size and you’ll be able to make certain of quick and safe on-site installation.

Dallcon is the number one precast concrete manufacturer in Western Australia and has been committed to offering reliable solutions. Our precast custom concrete pits are manufactured to meet the design requirements of your stormwater network with exact heights and pipe penetrations.

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