Scope of Duties:

  • Set up and demould heavy concrete products moulds as per drawings and product ·
  • Cleaning of heavy steel moulds – removing and replacing mould doors 10-25 kg during set up process.
  • Some doors would need sliding and are average 50kg. · Use of sledgehammers (10kg) to free dry concrete on sides and edges of moulds
  • Use of rattle guns with high level vibration during closing and removing of mould doors
  • Handle, cut, and form mesh using average bolt cutters as required by drawings
  • Put mesh and rebar into moulds
  • Position and secure steel bars or mesh in concrete forms to reinforce concrete this involves bending and stretching arms to setting bar chairs on mesh.
  • Construct concrete formwork – has manual handling tasks
  • Working at heights with some moulds · Extensive use of forklift trucks Pour and level concrete
  • Use of heavy-duty petrol propelled vibrators (handheld) to dispel air bubbles from concrete mixture
  • Repetitive use of shovels to move and distribute concrete around the mould
  • Screed and trowel concrete to achieve finish required – excessive hand and shoulder movement · Observe and maintain a high level of safety at all time
  • Comply with all OHSE procedures · Clean up and dispose of waste in accordance with company procedures – (manual work using floor scrappers and rakes)
  • Comply with all company quality, safety, health and environment procedures
  • Clean up and dispose of waste bar in accordance with company procedures
  • Other duties as required

Qualifications/ Experience Required:

Ability to work with minimal supervision and read and understand construction drawings. Experience in concrete construction work.