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What Is Precast Concrete and Its Different Use Cases

26th October 2021

Precast concrete is reinforced concrete cast into reusable moulds and allowed to cure in a controlled environment, usually in a production facility operation. The concrete structure is then transported to the site and then installed. Various precast concrete materials differ in their shape, size, purpose, and applications. However, these structures are usually used to deliver a consistent application and quicker installation on projects compared to more traditional in-situ concrete pouring processes. Precast concrete is often used as a quick and effective foundation to build upon for more extensive infrastructure. For professionals like builders, project managers, architects, and anyone involved in the construction industry, these precast concrete products offer a quick and efficient way to complete projects in a limited time frame with minimal resources to deliver maximum output. 

One of the significant benefits of precast concrete is the shorter lead times and reduced resource requirements. As these precast structures are ready to be deployed and installed when leaving the factory, they require less workforce and resources once they are delivered to the site of installation, which is particularly important in remote areas. In addition, it allows smooth manufacturing and quality assurance with close monitoring of construction processes like curing, framework, temperature, etc., which impacts the overall construction product quality. These concrete structures are built to last forever and are a great sustainable alternative option for construction in general.

As we have mentioned, there are multiple types of precast concrete products. So, let’s discuss a few broad categories of Precast Concrete, their examples, and their applications.

Base Foundations

Precast concrete can be used for many areas in construction, including the foundations of the project infrastructure. Many residential homes and commercial buildings are built on precast concrete foundations no matter what material is used in the above-ground structures. It is a sustainable, energy-efficient, cost-effective solution designed to withstand high-pressure stress and offers a solid foundational base to build on. This comes in various forms, including custom precast footings, concrete lintel beams, concrete tilt-panel walls, custom panels, and modular flooring. Manufactured in a controlled environment, these products allow maximum functionality and incredible durability. These precast concrete foundational structures are usually a part of residential or commercial projects, although their serviceability allows their use to extend into nearly all construction niches. Quick, effective, and high durability, these panels or structures come in varying sizes, widths, and textures depending on specific requirements. 

Mining Structures

Another type of precast concrete product is mining products that are used for various different applications in the mining industry. These precast products have dramatically benefitted the industry, especially with the need for efficiency and versatility in a mining environment where safety onsite and minimal downtime is a high priority. Another feature of these structures is their portability, as when a mine site’s service life is over, they can be removed and transported from one location to the next. Precast concrete structures are available for various purposes like concrete tanks, conveyor system footings, precast tie-down blocks, concrete donuts/rings, panels, retaining walls, loading ramps, and more. 

Civil Structures 

For more structural components, precast construction is also applicable for sturdy and heavy-duty structures. Culverts, headwalls, and drainage pipes are custom-made in different designs and sizes to allow easy stormwater drainage while offering a base to create a bridge or retain and control rainwater. Some precast systems involve retaining systems where concrete retaining walls and blocks are utilised. Easy and fast to install, these products often are part of the critical foundational base on which building infrastructure is built upon. With a wide selection of products and options to customise as required, precast construction has become a great asset to civil and structural projects.

Commercial Structures

When it comes to commercial construction, this industry widely relies on precast concrete products. Almost everything from the foundations up to purpose-based structures involves concrete in some way or another, whether it is poured onsite or precast. Buildings for hospitals, schools, shopping areas, hotels, and more rely on fast and efficient construction. As a form of getting construction projects started faster, these prebuilt solutions on offer range from flooring systems, walls, room fit-outs, staircases, tanks, and pits which are all able to be customised to the project’s specific requirements. 

Rural Structures

As much as commercial precast concrete products are popular, it has also become the preferred choice for the rural agricultural market. Precast constructions range from panels in storage sheds, flooring systems, and walls to advanced livestock products that make operational activities easier and more efficient. You can find precast water troughs, retaining walls, shed panels, shed walls, cattle grids, feed troughs, soak wells, septic tanks, and even loading ramps. These offer quick and efficient solutions to the requirements of these rural operations.. As a pre-built product solution, they are also relatively easy to unload and install. 

Power Cabling & Streetscape

As a great alternative to infrastructure used for power and cabling, concrete can be an ideal option. These precast concrete products are highly durable and are often preferred as they are quicker and easier to install on-site. Dallcon is the leading manufacturer for these structures like stormwater lids, headwalls, rail communication pits, liners, culverts, and more. 

Material Storage

As a solid and sturdy material, precast concrete is also an excellent solution for material storage. The precast concrete structures like T-blocks and L-blocks, panels, and retaining walls can be assembled to store and retain products and materials such as grain, fertiliser, sand, aggregate and much more. As these structures can withstand strenuous use and are durable, these products are ideal bulk storage solutions in commercial and rural sectors. With a secure base, impenetrable design, and high quality, these precast concrete structures allow effective and organised storage or dividing options as per your requirements. 

Traffic Management 

Proper traffic management reduces the risk of traffic collisions and prevents any unfortunate accidents. For this purpose, precast concrete structures like boulders, wheel stops, road barriers, precast bollards, footings, and panels are available as a pre-built solution for regional and metropolitan projects. The traffic management industry relies heavily on concrete products as these materials are more likely to withstand long-term impacts for a longer period of time. 

Custom Structures

Apart from a standard range of products, you can also have customised orders designed and manufactured for your own specific requirements. For example, customised staircases can be built according to your design to use in a particular building project you may be running. Blast walls can be implemented as necessary with customised dimension specifications. Even multi-purpose concrete pits are available to be used for various applications. The possibilities are pretty much limitless with precast concrete manufacturing. 

DALLCON: Customised Precast Concrete Solution For You! 

As the use of precast concrete structures increases, different types of precast concrete products have been developed and made available. Dallcon is a leading brand name when it comes to custom precast concrete structures. As these concrete products are pretty versatile with their intended purpose, you can customise them based on your industry requirements and application. With over two decades of experience in delivering high-quality precast concrete products, DALLCON has managed to become one of the reputed names in the marketplace..  Every product is manufactured in a controlled and monitored environment which ensures high quality and endurance. Dallcon is also certified to global international management standard ISO9001. 

As the official supplier of concrete solutions for various applications for some of the biggest companies in Australia, DALLCON can assist in developing the right solution for your project requirement. Committed to providing consistent, durable, high-quality products, the client’s satisfaction is paramount in each service delivery!

With the focus on delivering more than clients expect, Dallcon offers a wide range of custom manufacturing services. A comprehensive selection of precast concrete products that make construction as simple and easy as possible. As a part of their custom solution, we wished to highlight some of the major solutions DALLCON offers.

Precast Concrete Walls & Panels

The precast concrete walls and panels are a structural element to your project that is usually available in a standard dimension. However, if those do not fit your needs, you can easily order a custom solution. 

Boat Ramps

Designed for areas close to water bodies and to launch a boat into the water, DALLCON provides customised boat ramp solutions. With the need for long-lasting and robust infrastructure that is a perfect fit for the applicable site, these precast concrete boat ramps are an excellent investment. They also offer great grip and excellent traction that is highly necessary for this product. 

Custom Headwalls

Constructing drainage systems is another custom product that DALLCON offers their clients for various project types. These are manufactured to very high standards and the exact specifications required. Made in accordance with the Australian standards, these headwalls can be specified to suit both drainage pipe or box culvert applications.

Custom Concrete Pits

Multi-purpose and versatile, precast concrete pits can be a great asset to any project involving stormwater management, junction pits, or as a pipe connection or larger pipe inlets. These pits offer an extensive range of sizes and can be manufactured to the client’s exact requirements and incorporated into their cast-in project easily. 

Precast Stairs

One of the most common elements on a lot of significant residential and commercial construction is staircases. These are also highly customisable depending on the specifications that the client requires. These precast stairs are an excellent option for a quicker and effortless way to achieve more construction in a limited amount of time on site.

Apart from these custom precast structures, Dallcon also offers all the unique solutions previously mentioned above. Any precast concretes requirements for industries like mining, earthmoving, commercial, rural, and residential constructions, drainage, or traffic management is available with Dallcon. 

In Conclusion

There are more benefits of precast concrete products than one can comprehend. If you are looking for an easy start and a solid foundation on your next project, then precast concrete is the quickest way to do so. It is a smart investment, especially considering cost-effectiveness, installation speed, sustainability, and other benefits. 

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