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10 Amazing Benefits of Modular Flooring System

An offsite concrete solution such as the precast concrete panels used in the Modular Flooring concept today has gained considerable popularity and wider utility in the construction sector. Modular flooring with the use of precast concrete technology is a construction process by which the final product is produced in a controlled environment of a precast […]

The Correct Way to Tie Down a Sea Container In Cyclonic Areas

In simple terms, sea containers are steel shipping containers used as storage while shipping goods. For the most part, when you think of shipping containers, you usually picture large colourful containers atop massive cargo ships carrying various goods of different types across the ocean. Containerisation has reshaped the transportation industry for the better and made […]

All You Need To Know About Precast Box Culverts

Usually, we tend to ignore the magnificence of infrastructure when we pass by it. On rare occasions, however, we look back and appreciate the magnitude of the construction and the planning that backed it up. Precast box culverts back some of such infrastructures like bridges and tunnels. They are widely used under roads, railways and […]

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