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Traffic Management

Improve the flow of traffic by allowing vehicles to move through a planned route. Effective utilization of traffic management products can improve the efficiency of maintenance works programmes, prevent road accidents and create safer roads.

There are different traffic management products available in the market such as road barriers, wheel stops, precast bollards, custom panels, custom footings, etc. Each of them serve different purposes.

For example, road barriers help reduce the risk of collision between vehicles traveling from the opposite direction by helping them travel through a certain path. They also can assist road maintenance crews direct traffic into single lanes where they need to work on road surface sections. Concrete wheel stops prevent cars from crossing the boundary of the parking space. Whereas, bollards provide a physical barrier to stop vehicles from encroaching the place where pedestrians walk.

At Dallcon, we offer concrete traffic safety products for different applications. All our products are manufactured under the road authority specification. We offer free delivery to any locations within a 500km radius of Dalwallinu.

Click on the product to find more information about it or contact us to learn more about the product. If you can’t find the right product for your specific needs, we will even customize them for you.

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