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Prisons are a growing sector in Australia with more public and private prisons being constructed every year. More funds are being allocated each year for upgraded prison infrastructure and technology to help build safe and effective prison facilities. Large spaces in these facilities include different departments with offices, cells, shower rooms, hallways etc. that work together to make the facility functional. Building such facilities with high quality safe and durable products is very important.

Dallcon provides precast concrete products that are safe and durable and last for a lifetime. Built according to the requirement of the project and under industry specifications, Dallcon footings provide a solid foundation for your structure to withstand large traffic that is regular in prison facilities. Dallcon panels provide safe and durable partitions to different departments and can be customised according to project requirements.

All Dallcon products are manufactured using certified quality cement and materials. We offer all our products in different sizes and can be customised according to your unique construction requirements. Get free delivery to locations within a 500km radius of Dalwallinu. Dallcon also provides nationwide delivery and delivery & installation options.

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