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About Dallcon

DALLCON has been manufacturing and supplying precast and custom concrete products to the Western Australian civil, mining and agricultural industries since 2000. Our professional, solutions-based approach has seen the company continue to grow its substantial production facility, located ideally within the heart of northern WA.

All our products are made here in WA using Australian materials. DALLCON’s service includes the supply of precast and custom products, delivery and installation. Our products have a variety of applications and if the right precast product does not suit, our highly skilled team of sales, technical and production staff can assist you in developing the right solutions to meet your needs.

We supply concrete solutions for a variety of applications to some of the biggest companies in the state. Our servicing of the civil and mining industry has been across numerous projects locally and in the north west, including the Wheatstone, Gorgon and Roy Hill Projects. A central location means we are situated to service both metropolitan and regional customers.

DALLCON has developed high standards in quality assurance and maintains ISO9001 certification. Our processes have been developed to ensure product quality and consistency, that meets a high level of occupational health and safety and environmental requirements.

When planning your next project, consider DALLCON’s high quality engineered concrete solutions.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To consistently provide and expand precast concrete solutions to exceed customer’s expectations in quality, delivery and cost; through continuous improvement and customer interaction

Our Vision

Always earning the right to be the first choice in our industry, as a competitive and respected company, maintaining product quality and commercial excellence

Our Values

DALLCON is committed to providing quality product and customer support that leads the industry in professional standards. We value respect, integrity, trust, innovation and support. We seek to display and engage theses values with our clientele at all times, and believe the customer’s satisfaction is paramount in every relation

Quality Assurance

DALLCON is committed to providing value added products by responding to the needs and requirements of our clients in an innovative, efficient and cost effective manner. All employees accept their share of responsibility for identifying needs and expectations and ensuring that the delivered level of customer service meets or exceeds these expectations whilst complying with all legal and contractual obligations.

Management has established a third party certified ISO9001 quality management system that is integrated into all facets of our operations.

The quality management system is communicated throughout the company and made available to all staff. Training is also given to ensure understanding of the procedures.

The documented quality management system is regularly reviewed by management to ensure our objective of total customer satisfaction is being met and that the system is suitable and effective in meeting both customer and company needs.

Management takes effective action to ensure resolution of problems leading to continual improvement in our operating practices. This policy of continual improvement coupled with the provision of adequate human resources and a clear understanding of customer requirements, demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

Health & Safety

DALLCON recognises its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees, contractors, customers and visitors. This commitment extends to ensuring that the organisation’s operations do not place the local community at risk of injury, illness or property damage.

DALLCON is committed to:

Providing safe plant and systems of work

Providing procedures and instructions to ensure safe systems of work

Ensuring compliance with legislative requirements and current industry standards

Providing information, instruction, training and supervision to employees, contractors and customers to ensure their safety

Providing support and assistance to employees


Environmental Policy

DALLCON recognizes the need to ensure all our activities are conducted in a manner which does not have an unnecessary adverse impact on the environment.

To achieve this objective, procedures have been established for the efficient use of material and resources, the maximum recycling of waste product etc. and the ensuring that all staff are aware of their environmental responsibilities through training and effective lines of communication.

Compliance with this policy ensures that the interests of all staff and the wider community are protected from any adverse effects.

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