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5 Most Effective Uses and Benefits of L-Blocks


When it comes to building reinforced retaining walls or concrete storage bunkers, the concrete L-block is highly advantageous. This versatile and robust precast concrete product range, whilst simple in design, offers tremendous benefits with what can be achieved with their possible applications.

L-shaped blocks are named after their shape, which is because of the upright portion called the face that’s attached to the lower support called the foot. Technological advances in recent years allow us to design, cast and install these just right so each piece is sturdy and able to be used for multiple purposes without difficulty.

Since the blocks are so versatile, you may wonder what you can actually do with them. Here are the 5 most effective uses and benefits of L-blocks that you can leverage for your projects.

1. Retaining Walls 

When it comes to retaining wall systems, L-shaped blocks are used extensively because of the structurally engineered, fast and simple installation solution they offer. These sturdy structures can withstand harsh weather conditions because of their added support from the foot portion of these shaped pieces – which makes them more effective than the more traditional retaining options in resisting soil pressures while also standing up against strong winds or rain and stormwater for years on end.

The purpose of the ‘L’ design is that when you install the L-block onto the footing base, the topload created from backfilling actually pulls the vertical wall section of the L-block back in towards the retained soil. You get a safer structure than a conventional block wall, which can collapse away from the retained soil section if not built correctly. With the L-block retaining wall system, you get a safer and more aesthetically pleasing structure than with traditional block walls. There are fewer seams that will be seen on your finished construct as well.

Precast L-block retaining walls are the quickest and easiest system to install. You can have them up in no time at all due to their quick application process that requires less labour and materials than other methods.

2. Storage Bunkers

L-shaped concrete blocks have been found to be a fast and effective way of constructing storage bunkers. These storage bunkers are great because they eliminate waste by keeping materials stored within them neat and tidy, like grain, fertiliser, sand or gravel; you can also use these bunker types on your commercial/construction site to keep waste and rubbish contained and tidy.

Why use L-blocks particularly for building concrete grain bunkers? The shape and profile of these storage facilities are optimally suited to the needs that arise in cases like those. They offer a safe place where farmers can store their produce without fear, away from moisture or pests which could cause damage if they weren’t properly protected against them with an airtight environment.

3. Shed Walls

Precast concrete L-blocks are the best choice for creating heavy-duty storage facilities because they are quick and easy to install. Plus you can get them at an affordable price with no need for hiring expensive contractors or architects. They are a great alternative to concrete shed panels, especially if the L-block design works better for your situation.

Precast concrete L-blocks are a high quality, durable solution to your shed construction needs. They can also replace old walls and guarantee low maintenance with the added benefit that it will support you for years. Furthermore, installation is quick and clean because they are precast, unlike onsite concrete pouring, which takes longer due to the process as well as being more involved due to the required machinery and equipment required.

4. Ramps

You may not have thought of using L-shaped concrete blocks to create loading ramps, but it can be done quite effectively. The versatility and robustness make these fantastic for unloading machinery or other vehicles from trucks on trailers. They also provide excellent access support when using front end loaders to loadtrucks with with grain, fertiliser or hay etc.

Heavy machinery and vehicles come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and weights. You need the peace of mind that your loading ramp is strong enough for them to operate on it! The L-panel is your solution – custom-sized loading ramps can be built quickly with no extra concrete footings required during construction thanks to our specially designed concrete L-blocks which are fully engineered and approved so you know they will last long into the future.

5. Dome Shelters

Concrete mounted dome shelters are a great way to protect and store materials in bulk out of the weather. L-panels with the L-shaped design brilliantly provide a supporting barrier around each side of these buildings, keeping water out while allowing air inside during hot weather conditions. Even in the midst of storms and hurricanes, these solid structures stay put and outlast such harsh weather conditions.

The concrete provides a barrier to wet areas, which is useful for intensive animal husbandry. One way of using the blocks in this fashion involves mounting them before setting up an arched fabric structure as other types do but with one difference: you precast your L-panels so they are already secured on-site. Simply attach rails and hoops then pull over once complete.

The durable and sturdy L-wall system provides the perfect solution for storing bulk materials like grain and fertiliser; they are also great at holding up against the tough environment of animal husbandry with livestock such as pigs or sheep.

Benefits of L-Blocks

The versatility of L-shaped concrete blocks is unparalleled. The higher these units are, they remain just as solid and stable. They make great retaining walls, storage bunkers, shed walls, loading ramps, dome shelters bases, and more. With different sizes and configurations, you even have the option for a neat finish or an elaborate one that will show off your creativity.

Here are five additional benefits you get when using these for your construction projects.

  • With its high durability and endurance with 50mpa vibrated heavily reinforced precast concrete, the L-wall is extremely resilient.
  • They have pleasing aesthetics with a neat design and smooth finish.
  • Quick and easy installation is possible with precast L-panels.
  • They are supported by bolts and brackets. 
  • They can be easily moved and correctly positioned using Swift lifters.

L-panels are made of durable, precast concrete and can be set up in just minutes. There’s no need for footings or concreting because their tapered L-shape or stepped configuration eliminates the risk associated with that. Just provide them a compacted, level base to firmly sit on.

How L-Blocks and L-Walls are Being Used in Mining Sites

L-walls are safe and effective for numerous applications in the mining and civil industry. This includes the construction of:

  • Heavy-duty retaining walls
  • ROM wall constructions
  • Bulk storage solutions
  • Access trenches and underground applications

In one of DALLCON’s projects, we supplied large custom L-walls as part of a ROM wall construction in the Pilbara Region. Even if there was a tight, three-week construction schedule, we cast and delivered the 46T L-walls without any delays.

In another mining project near Newman, WA 6753, we manufactured and supplied custom L-walls with a height of 3.1m, width of 3m and length of 5.5m. They weighed from around 36 to 44 tons each, yet our clients had no problems in receiving their precast products.

We know that you’re looking for a cost-effective and reliable solution to your project needs. That’s why our team of creative professionals can assist with the design, certification as well as installation process of your L-panels to meet your standards. Since we’ve been in the precast concrete industry for over two decades, we are confident in being able to provide an efficient outcome even if it’s a totally different application than what we’ve discussed here.

DALLCON specialises in manufacturing concrete L-blocks designed in accordance with Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) guidelines. We have an unmatched experience level that reflects in every product we offer. We do not just meet standards but create new ones. It’s how we have successfully served different Australian sectors like civil, mining, and agriculture for over 20 years.

For a free quote on L-blocks or any other concrete requirements, please email us at or call 1300 325 526. We are always happy to help.





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